Woman vs God

Woman vs God

This blog is for all the Men out there:

What defines God? Isn’t it creation and forgiveness? Yes, that is how I would define god.

Now, what defines a woman? Isn’t it the same creation and forgiveness?

so, let’s look into the characteristics of a woman and god:



He forgives us sinners, he forgives the people who sin in the name of god itself, he forgives lust, gluttony, envy, pride, sloth, greed and anger.

That is why rapists are free, murderers flee, and sinners glee.

If god was not forgiving, and there was instant karma, then may be the world would have been a better place.


She is the ultimate living soul who forgives.

She forgives the man who calls her a slut,

she forgives the man who hit her,

she forgives the man who treats her like crap,

she forgives the man who left her with a child,

she forgives the man who ceased her dreams.




People praise him as the ultimate creator of living being. The ultimate creator of nature. Except that he is invisible and we don’t know how he did that.


She is the living proof of creation. It is the beauty of motherhood. She creates a human being from nothing other than a sperm and an ovum. Imagine a world without her. There would be no creation, no human beings, or simply the world would be non-existent.


Now that we have looked into the traits of god and woman, I ask a simple question to all the men out there:

If it is the same characteristics that define god and a woman, why do you people worship, fear and praise the invisible god but disrespect, hurt and abuse a woman (who is a visible god)?

Recently, there was a video, where a psychiatrist asked all women to see all men as “potential” rapists. Well, I may not agree with that. But instead I ask all men to see a woman as a future mother. Yes, every woman is a potential mother. So, would you let things happen to your mother? Think.


P.S – I am an atheist. And don’t worry, I will forgive you if you don’t like my blog.





"no great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness" says aristotle, so do I !!!

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