To Be Or Not To Be… Excellent!

To Be Or Not To Be… Excellent!

The sultry April summer was replaced by the refreshing showers as May approached. The campus exerts a refreshing green-ness when drenched. The Registrar in the Mental Health Centre  ponders over the burning idea within despite being surrounded by the calmness of the day. The burning idea? Well, my friend,it is… Excellence. Along with it comes her counterpart- Mediocrity.

Excellence is as rare a word as the very act itself! Head back to your school days: Did all the forty students in your class sported the golden star in their notebooks? No. It was only a mere 4 or 6 of them. This is a perfect opportunity for competition to creep in. But that is where we miss the point.

Excellence is compared to a rocket being launched into space. Where each and everything in this planet, from an aardvark to a zebra is held by gravity, the rocket is propelled to a point where even this Newtonian force has no control over it. What we see then are amazing high resolution pictures of galaxies far away, taken by it. This is what Excellence does: it brings in a sense of uniqueness, a newness, which our lifetime yearns for.

Mediocrity, on the other hand, is that very step-sister of Excellence. The one which prefers to be held strongly by the g-force. The one who has no desire to rise up. Hence, no photos. And no star on that notebook.

Both Mediocrity and Excellence have a common mother: Choice. And each and every one of us have it.

So, what do we choose?

To be excruciatingly  released from what holds us back to what we passionately believe in, or strive for? Or, to stay where we are, gripped in the clutches of our limitations?

The Registrar keeps thinking on…



  • The step sisters have common mother choice. They have different fathers- Destiny and Fate. There are many variables including your paternity if you would reach escape velocity to shoot stars or you would crash to where you never expected.
    Enjoy your journey. No one else has the same journey (trajectory)

  • Excellence comes at a cost. Mediocrity requires no effort. If what is being pursued is worth the cost there is no substitute for being excellent. It all depends on the objective. Most people are happy with the safety of being mediocre however, it’s inexpensive and acceptable. When one leaves the choice between wanting to be excellent or mediocre to his creator, the best always emerges. Because you see, only God can bring out what’s best for each one. Having said that, I for one would always want to be excellent in everything I do.
    God is my strength and power, He maketh my way perfect.


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