I wonder every now and then how this life gives unpredictable moments and unanticipated stresses in its daily course.  It makes a person feel the top of the world and the other to meet the painful lower pole. It helps one to realize oneself by experiencing a stress at a juncture to manage that kind of botheration in a better way next time. The act of confidence and art of clarity rise every time when someone actually wants for and yearn for that big plane.

     It is all inspiration and possession that’s helping to run towards the big and desire huge with every life approach.  Seeking for the unknown has found the way to look outside the box and transform the dark dull deranged limitations within us to brighter strategies of change. The better one we see on others every time is the propeller for all activities in toto and the igniter we develop in ourselves gradually by managing the stresses at times of survival struggle could be the two best positive makings we give ourselves and create better things.

     There is stress. There is always some external substance approaching and transiently robbing the inner peace of every one of us for the want of change, the change from useless safe soul to purposeful challenging being for efficient survival.  Instructions for change despite it hurts and threatens the survival of sleeping soul physically and introspectively with pain and restrictions, the want of transformation in the psyche against the spontaneous human biological growth demands this kind of stress and suffering to transfigure to a fitting soul in this unrest world. For every lone survivor here, there is Pain. But there is life.

                                                                                          ~ Raghav

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