The Slim Addiction

The Slim Addiction

Isha was talking to her non-medico friend when she told her that she has started gyming lately, of course, under the constant pressure of tyres on her waist and her dangling upper arms. So out of her crazy interest about gyming, she asked her, her schedule, schedule of gymimg and of nutrition.

“Gym mein I go daily, for one hour. My sir tells me cardio is very important so I do a cardio of 30 minutes daily and then weights or other toning exercises in an everyday rotation.”, she said.

Isha said, ‘Fair enough”. “What about your nutrition?”

“Well, I am trying to avoid unhealthy”, Swati replied.
“What’s your deinition of ‘unhealthy’?” , she asked

“Anything that has excessive sugar, oil or ghee! Which includes traditional indian sabzi’s and all.. plus, sir said avoid carbs have a high protein diet”

“Well, I would only suggest, eat everything in an optimum quantity, don’t completely shut down on anything.”

I guess her desire to be called “Perfect” did not allow her to listen to Isha.

Isha saw her a few days later our conversation, and there her mouth couldn’t hold the words, “Perfect! you look perfect!”

Then she realized, she had only seen her body; her face seemed to have disappeared so much that her lips with a broad smile was covering half the area on her face.

There, the side effect which Isha wanted to warn her about!
Isha being a well wisher and though trying too hard not to sound harsh, told her, “Please start returning to normal diet now slowly, so as to regain your glowy face.”

Well Isha felt that “Desires and Praises” should be added to the topmost list of addiciton.
Her desire for more praises of perfection got her to an addiction of not eating.!

Later, Swati got into the habit of not eating so much that her body didnt allow her to eat, passing to a phase called ‘anorexia’.


So is that what we call fit? Well this is my story, of the time before i came across the term “immunocompromised”; before I saw so many TB cases; before I understood the fine line between ‘fit ‘ and ‘slim’!

Thank God, that I didn’t catch any such ilnesses. My hemoglobin though stayed below normal for quite a lot of time.

But one cannot attract luck all the time!

In India, a lot of teenagers, females suffer from Bullemia, a psychiatric condition where a person deliberately pukes everything after eating so as to avoid weight gain and yet enjoy the taste.
Males, suffer the side effects of excessive proteins and steroids out of the desire to be considered “Most Manly”

Movies mislead us. Hell more than you actually believe! So a girl will never fall for a guy with a paunch? And a girl wouldn’t look sexy if she is plus size?

Here’s from a medico, a female medico, who once desired to be called “perfect”, totured her body, appetite and her mind. Was it worth it?



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