The Quest For The Magic Bullet

The Quest For The Magic Bullet

My heart, it cringed in dismay
As I saw his plight;
A friend, equalling a brother,
Who has always been my guiding light.

A Man so young, so loved,
Known for his brilliance;
Was hanging on to his life, at death’s door,
With no sign of resilience.cymera_20160915_091521

By day, I was an undaunted doctor, anesthetized my face,
With hope, that he would live;
But by night, I was drained by immense despair, and prayed the Lord,
For a miracle, that only He could give.

Passed by many days without peace,
And nights without rest for the eye;
Finally I heard the long awaited
Divine voice from the sky.cymera_20160915_091543

“There exists a Magic Bullet,
A simple,yet effective cure;
The Eternal panacea,
That has always remained obscure.”

                        The ethereal voice,                                     May not have been real,
Perhaps a paracusia;
Developed from my persisting insomnia.

Yet, it reminded me of, from a leap of faith,
What miracles can come;
And to begin my quest, that rekindled hope,
Became the essential quantum.

       To me, it wasn’t Just a remedy cure,                            To save a Friend so dear;
If undiscovered, ‘N’ number of diseases it could wipe out,
Leave many without a tear.

I travelled in great earnest, around the globe,
Hither and thither;
To great distances, great heights and depths,
Before his health could further wither.

I extracted secret recipes from great healers,
Many of a kind;
Hoping, praying that it would be ‘The Final Antidote’,
To his illness and my pain, combined.

But to my sheer unfortune, the trails had failed,
In every case;
The saline was lazing it’s drip and the pitch of my hope,
Tumbling to its bass.

The monster killing him was unfazed by no amount of chemo, reikhi, 5676977,
Not even a single pill or pellet;
So where the hell was the much promised,
‘Damn Magic Bullet’?!cymera_20160915_091309

There can only be so much,
That a soul can endure;
And everyone,especially ‘he’, was looking forward,
to an euthanasia detour.

           I refused to play ‘God’,but later,            Realised my unchangeable disposition;                                         Knowing I was impossibly trying to                                      starve death,                                              By a medically aggressive intervention.

That day as I bade, what I thought was my last sayonara,
To my friend;
Suddenly, we heard his name being called by a voice,
Just at the corridor’s end.

It was of a young woman, distraught,
with sad, red eyes;
In tears, yet she lit on him a smile so lively,
That to compare, even a million years of happiness would not suffice.

At her sight, his serious vitals,
stabilised to Fair;
And his languished face, started to put on,
A healthy air.

“Ah! There’s your ‘Magic Bullet’,
Whispered my paracusia again;
And it wasn’t long before my buddy recovered to his healthier self,
To a time before it all began.cymera_20160913_144952

“A Magic Bullet,
A simple,yet effective cure;
The Eternal panacea,
That has always remained obscure.”

Oh! It was no physical quest,
But rather a spiritual one;
Not a discovery,but realisation,
A Bullet from a Human Gun!cymera_20160913_155248

The Bullet was Love, the bullet was hope,
It was will;
No,not will to live, but, who or what to live for,
Why at all to stop ‘The Kill’.

Love is the essential keystone of hope and will,
It cures simply by existing;
Says ‘Dear, from what ache does your heart echo,tell me,
I will heal it with no resisting.

“A Magic Bullet,
A simple,yet effective cure;
The Eternal panacea,
That has always remained obscure.”

Hear O’ Doctors! The panacea is found,
The cure is here;
It lies Not in rays,pills or drugs,
But, in the Hearts of the Dear!



As a baby, I was deprived of colostrum, hence deficient to my IgG antibodies, that reason being, I ended up susceptible to many a germ. I had my fight against Asthmatic Bronchitis, Flus, Allergies, tummy disorders,infections, what not?!
As I grew up, fortunately, my immune system broke out of the rut and developed better resistance. But those difficult as those days were, it taught me what to really live for. I faced many instances where no pills did the cure, but only love.
2008- My critical flu of 14 days only worsened each hour, but the moment my father called saying he was coming home for me putting aside a gravely important schedule,the spell started to break. I was greatly recovering by the time he came home.
2012-  Swallowing horrible pills, and inhaling many times a day, did nothing to my persisting bronchitis, but when I broke the rules and played with my Dog, Buddy.And you know what, my bronchitis went Kapoof!!!                                        2016- A viral fever that should have lasted a few days, disappeared in no time, after a Skype call from my Best Friend!


The heroes in my life are not only my Daddy, Buddy and my Best Friend❤ But also my Amma, Aunts, and grandmothers, who cooked magic cures and told soothing words, and diverting stories; my uncles, grandfathers who literally ran carrying me in their arms to the hospitals, or fed me with loving hands despite their busy schedules, always trying to put a smile on my face.I’ll forever be indebted to all these people. But a BIG Thank you is what I can say at the moment.Love you all..?

At my worst times, when I have to fight and I think, why should I fight at all? These people are the ones that come to my mind. I’ll fight for them, because they fought for me!cymera_20160915_085057

          ” DOCTOR =

            ADDING YEARS TO LIFE +

            ADDING LIFE TO YEARS +

            ADDING LIFE TO LIFE ! “


Disclaimer: This is not to degrade any medical discovery or profession. Medicines DO cure, but without the WILL to get better, nothing can help. A person dies, NOT when he loses life, but his will, hope to fight on, which breed on Love. Well, you get the point!?cymera_20160913_144547


On first meet, Akshara appears to be the typical quiet, shy, & sensitive girl who does nothing but smile & nod. But inside she's a burning fire, bold and dangerous. Lucky for us, she only brings that side out, while writing, or when angry, which is why her friends call her "Silent Killer"! An NRI by education, presently studying in M.B.B.S in Andhra Pradesh, has dreams of becoming much more than just a Doctor. Seeking to combine the powers of pen, scalpel, & a heartfelt smile, to change the world, she wants to make people Live, Laugh & Love! When she's not writing, or in college, you can find her in her room, dancing into oblivion, designing & creating, eating her friends' brains with her crazy philosophies or waiting to to taste her 1st coffee with The King of her Dreams, Man of her Life, & Mate of her Soul.

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