The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper

The moon that night had an eerie glow,

It cast its light down below.

All was silent, all was still.

A strange little town, a ghostly little city.


A lone figure did appear

Casting a tall shadow on the lane.

A sweet melody shattered the silence,

A ripple of change spread everywhere.


The children stirred in their sleep,

The adults kept on sleeping,

The children opened their eyes,

The adults kept on sleeping.

The children rushed out to see

Who had brought them this delightful melody.

But the adults kept on sleeping & sleeping.


The shadow led them far away from the town,

The music became softer and softer.

One child, born deaf, his dreams were disturbed not.

Tears of joy would be shed by his mother.


The music led them far away,

The children danced and followed

For they had never heard anything this sweet,

This gentle, this soothing, this wondrous.


There came a ditch along the way.

Delighted laughter as they jumped over it high.

One child, blind she was, fell into it,

Listened, her heart aching, as they left her behind.


Soon they entered a dark forest

Where the moon refused to give her light.

But the music beckoned to them gently,

And they followed forgetting  their fright.


Deeper in as they went,

Small glowing creatures lit the path

& guided them along the twisted path,

Until the moon decided again to shine.


Up the slope they trudged,

Stones striking their soft bare feet.

But they minded not

For the music refused to loosen its hold, you see.


Steeper and steeper, up they went

Till they came to the jagged edge

Where one could see where stars and the sea met.

Here, the music crooned to the little ones lovingly,

& smiling, they jumped over the cruel edge eagerly.


One child, crippled he was,

His stick worn and broken from the climb.

Desperately he called out- to wait a while,

The melody drowned his pleading calls.


As the last child tripped merrily down to the sea,

The music, it slowly faded away.

The crippled boy, he began to weep,

When he realised they had left him behind.


Over the horizon appeared the first light rays.

The moon, she hid her face and closed her eyes.

The boy kept on weeping,

For he had been left behind.


The birds began chirping,

The town people awakening;

The boy, he kept on weeping,

For he had been left behind.


The people of the town lamented over those gone,

They rejoiced over and blessed those who stayed.

They searched high and low and everywhere,

& kept searching for many years to come and stay.


But the boy was inconsolable & he kept on weeping,

For they did not glance back but left him behind.

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