The Love-Story of “The Most Ideal Couple of the World”: Astrology

The Love-Story of “The Most Ideal Couple of the World”: Astrology

Guys! Welcome to my psychological analysis …well a bit oriented towards Astrology!
Everyone claim there to be a term called “The Ideal Couple” there really a couple which can be really completely happy in this world?

That’s why..we take the story of the best duo for analysis—The Zodiac’s most loveliest match: Pisces Girls & Cancer Guys

Interesting here is ..Cancer guys are someone who are reserved, unattractive, looks quite selfish and Pisces girls are very friendly for all, attractive and selfless in making !!’s true that this particular duos is the loveliest combo of all !
Both are so soft in nature! Both long for love! Both are sensitive! And both go blindly behind intuitions  and lovely imaginations!
Let us so, look at the story of “love in making” (the progress from friendship to love) between the both!

In the Beginning:
First of all, we request all readers to have some patience!
Because you are gonna read the love story of two signs which take years to build trust and commitment! first sight love, huh?

At first itself, typical Cancerian guys will seriously consider this Pisces girl—as she is too lovely, she is too soft and she is paradoxically too friendly with this guy! (Well..these guys usually feel being neglected by many).

Pisces girls can have an intuitive alarm too! Their mind can say sometimes “Is he the one God sent for you?”.

So simple if they propose here itself right? But that’s only complex!
If a Cancer guy proposes Pisces girls, two cases can happen:
Number #1: Both creatures longing for love, will fall into river of love. High possibility here that they ultimately break-up !!!! (We will see how, later)
Number #2: This is the most common & good one since, both Cancer guy and Pisces girl are so insecure in nature !! They know their life has to be so lovely!! So, both of them decides to take time & assess – so NO PROPOSAL SCENE HERE!!

The Initial Days:
As readers read on this story, they will come to know how cruel these Cancer guys are actually!!
Since the guy mentioned above , considers the girl at beginning itself…he will talk !! He will try his best!!
Pisces girls happily hear every bla bla nostalgic stories of Cancer guys! Pisces girls love guys who open up everything to them and Cancerians are the most typical example of them !! Here, Cancer guys also feel delighted how this girl can laugh & excite this much, even for their stupid jokes !! Pisces girls are readily attracted to these Intelligent guys (though not all Cancerians sound intelligent)

Cancer guys loves family, home and mom!! He believes that the true soul of feminity lies inside the mother’s warmth!! Since the Pisces girls are naturally the best motherly creatures, Cancerian guys readily feel the warmth they are looking for!! Pisces girls are natural home and family lovers too, attracting Cancer with similar wave-length!

Cancer guys admire girls who readily seek help from them! Pisces girls naturally asks help from many people!! Cancerian guys can miscalculate girls that they ask help only as a sign of trust!! Our guys manipulate her talks, her smile, her help-seeking behaviour and all as signs of trust!! So our guys start to EXPECT !!

When these Cancer guys EXPECT their loved ones to talk and express a bit…here’s where the irony is!! Pisces girls never open up much!! Great listeners but poor blabers!!
Ohh poor…this can pull any Cancer guy in fear of rejection !! These Cancer guys have MOOD SWINGS….and also being the most insecure sign of all , they will get hurt and suffer pain! They show negative emotions outside (mostly lonely, sad and paradoxically non-emotional). Even the so called most empathetic girls of Zodiac cannot understand what the hell is happening with her guy!!

Pisces girls also detach from virtual world and start dreaming which looks like they avoid people!! These can wrongly add fuel to the fire of Cancerian guys!!
Interestingly, these moody guys can simulate mixed reactions in a Pisces heart! She is tentatively drawn towards “the curiosity to know the soft truths behind the hard appearance of Cancer” !!
The beginning stage goes in a cyclic mixture of lovely moments and moody things !!
Until the pisces girl figures out the mood swing of Cancerians, this beginning stage will not move onto the next stage!!

*Previously mentioned #1 rare case of committed couples at first-sight will break-up , because of these mood swings issues!!

How the relationship progresses on to a trustable state?
This MOOD SWING of Cancer guys are the biggest threat even for the most ideal couple!! Dear Readers, so please understand that all couples in this world have some issues naturally!!

Back to our story:
Once a Pisces girl recognizes her guy’s mood swings to be usual and head-fate, it becomes alma mater for any Pisces girl to deal with these guys!!

She becomes the absorbent of her guy’s heart !!! Pisces girls are the best listeners & best healers of all, hence she can tackle any mood swing easily !
Cancer guys too love it, as there is a girl to understand and trust his emotions!

Cancer guys still NEVER STOP EXPECTING and they still NEVER STOP GETTING MOOD SWINGS!! I said right? In one way, these Cancer guys are so cruel in the beginning!
But, here our Pisces girls will start to deal her guy patiently!! She will ultimately win his trust in every mood swing battle !!

Here we must know one thing: What’s the reason behind our hero’s mood swings?

In the above context, It looked like Pisces girls are adjusting to their sensitive guys!! But the actual love will work out for those girls who can understand that “ALL THESE MOOD SWINGS ARE REFLECTIONS OF TRUE LOVE, SO ITS SOMETHING A GIRL CAN CHERISH ABOUT”

It’s difficult for any Pisces girl to end up in a thought in favour of bloody sensitive stupids!! But, gradually Pisces girl gets the track!! Once they do, they will stand with high sympathy and love, in favor of these guys!!

Our Cancerian guys will ultimately start to feel that his Pisces girl is standing for him all the time and THEY FEEL THE SENSE OF SECURITY WITH HER!! (no more
Irritating mood swings)

The Pre-Lover Stage:
To accept, the only toughest and simplest role of Pisces girls in making this love progress is by understanding her guy’s mood swings and making him to feel secure!!
After that, everything will be done by Cancer!!

Now, if a Pisces girl fails the expectations of Cancer—he will not swing his mood—but he will come back on Pisces girls being more possessive and lovely this time!! And pisces girls paradoxically love possessiveness unlike all girls!!

Cancer guy will hold his girl like a GEM!! He will be so honest so does she!! He will show immense love without expectations so does she!!
Pisces Girls likes to be very dependent! They become the loveliest to place their head on the shoulders of Cancer guy!
Obviously..Cancer guys as the best protectors and helpers of Zodiac- and being most possessive–can make any girl to feel comfortable !
But why these loveliest guys are not looking so lovely initially?
For two reasons: Cancer guys takes lot of time to trust, And Cancer guys are bit unattractive – so there is no point for anyone to go behind this moody creature !

Pisces girls like everything to be told and be honest!! Since Cancer guys are highly honest,
they will start to tell all of their nostalgic stories!!
Also, PISCES GIRLS WILL FEEL SECURE NOW ONLY AND START TO OPEN UP THEIR INNER THOUGHTS. (Don’t you think here these girls are much more cruel than our guys?)

Pisces girls and Cancer guys—both will sense the warmth and love they longed for!!
Pisces girls feel much delighted under the warmth and protection of their Cancer guys!! Pisces girls & Cancer guys being so imaginative—dream a lot together now!!
Cancer guys feel much delighted being in a super-excited state!
All is set for magnificent love in making!!

Who will propose finally?!!!
If our readers have mistook that the above love scenes happened between two lovers, you all are wrong!! The above love-filled things are between two close friends, supposed to be!!

Anyways, they need to declare this officially right? So, we have a proposal here for you guys!!
In most of the cases, this proposal will be a drama!!
Both of them at the time of proposal, will know that they are going to be together forever!! Lot of cases end like friends marrying each other!!

For Cancer guys and Pisces girls, “Lovers” are just terms!! “Love” is the feel which can be shown by any designations (friends, lovers)
In the moments taking the couple to the official stage, you may not see any Donald’s or any malls. Mostly, a peaceful place filled with nature’s beauty is taken by our guys.


Readers! Thank you for living a lovely story!!
I am able to write-up this story because of two things:
I am an Astrologer in making and.. ironically I am also a cruel CANCER Guy !


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