The Girl vs My Fate

The Girl vs My Fate

A Guy with huge occult love for her, tries convo to his fate for making his love occult!

“Soul opts for her, You flips the scene!
Heart beats for her! You cut me bleed!
I let me choose, You let her go!
My mind hates to subtle!

You took me there! Life just for me!
You showed me her! I dream for me!
You made me cry! She’s not for me!
Why is this cruel display?

You thrashed her up! You made me drain!
My heart’s alone! You won me straight!
What’s still there , a left for me?
My Girl has faded in your dreams!

Never you stand for me! I care for her!
Never you cry for me! I win for her!
You stoled my hugs & rolled the film!
I love her despite you, Adoment!

Never I pledge you, I will make her smile!
Try repeat her hurt, I will make you fail!
Crossing my odds, you can never derail!
She’s my happiness! She’s my train!”

The Girl vs My Fate

(A Poem on Occult Love)


Srinath KM


7 Things I Love: Family, Love, Sisters, Nature, Neuro-cognition, Writing and My Dream

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