The Doctor who heals, not the doctor who rules..

The Doctor who heals, not the doctor who rules..


I was just watching the telecast of the gala function at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in which the so called prestigious B.C.Roy award was given to the “presumed to be” most Successful doctors. As the national anthem began, my mind started pondering about so many things and I am just replaying those thoughts as I type this.
Doctors appear as embodiments of The Divine when they cure a disease and most importantly when they save a life. All set and done, I personally feel there are two types of medical professionals in today’s world –
The type-1 doctors, the so called famous doctors who have acquired name and fame in the society because of the huge hospitals that they have built over the time or for the prestigious awards that they have received or for the name that they inherit from their parents who have excelled in the former.

The second type is the simple minded people who live a peaceful life deriving the highest levels of satisfactionfrom,  the smile of a patient, in relieving his pain. The second category are not very well-known around the world but they are well known among the local patient circles.

Whom should the young medicos look up to as their role models?

Unfortunately most of the young medicos today are carried away by the competitive world and we tend to look upto the first category.

What is wrong ? What is right ? What matters in life ? From sky-rocketing hospital buildings with research centres ( for tax exemptions) to ticking all the tests (even if they are not necessary) in the sheet while ordering for investigations! As we set on the very long journey starting with MBBS, most of us tend to forget the fact that made us choose this.
Given the choice every mortal would choose the first type for the luxury it offers. What am I trying to say through this blog? Which type should, we, the young medicos blossom into ? I think that should be type 3 with many features from type 2 and a few from type 1. “Thank you Doctor” from a patient who is relieved from pain because of us, ” My son is alive today only because of you” from a mother in the casualty showering her blessings on us from the bottom of her heart, I think they take us a long way in life than anything else. These words and a million blessings from the heart are something that no other profession offers!


  • I rightly agree to your statement doctor, and this should be published on every media to each individual hearts especially those who condem the profession as well as those who misuse the profession for their self luxurious life. There are doctors in this world that live a simple life, bread simple living to counter patient’s illness(local) wearing a blue mask that looks contagious.But what is their most contagious disease,is the disease to cure patients with their smile and thoughtful heart. Yes words and blessings can heal the world but more than that is their gratitude, the gratitutde of giving and recieving.


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