The Cerebral Kingdom-Part 2: Freedom in Air

The Cerebral Kingdom-Part 2: Freedom in Air

It’s Clobbering Time!!“, yelled the Cerebral King to the 5 prisoners under lock!

The ONE who have been prisoned here is YOU -the KING!!!” , shouted the Nigra, with hands cuffed, SHOUTED aloud so, even the Lords of the 7 Heavens can embrace his valiance!

The entire arena bursts into LAUGHTER, since they just heard the recessive to shout over the unbeaten dominance, they’ve ever seen! They never know, they are about to witness the throne to be thrashed!


The Cerebral Kingdom-Part 1: The Prophecy of SOAP


The Hero of the Prophecy had come!”, smiles the People of Protest

It looked like our HERO was in Dilemma!

He’s never a fit! He’s a failure”, suddenly rebellioned one protestant towards the unsung Dopamine

We trust atleast Prophecy to Dopamine!”, the crowd shouted against the rebellion

Dopamine looked exhausted, as if he had lots and lots of fights against!

Let’s see our prophecy written in 7 days, started the Dopamine, as if he had to say a long story!


“I entered the land of cruelty!

Transformers, Transformers, Everywhere! 

Their world is never so dormant!”, told Dopamine and took the protestants to an aseptic shock!

There, a gorgeous appeared in magical wands!”, added the Dopamine

Must be the angel of Prophecy!”, further added the protestants much to the Delight!

NO!!!”, yelled the hero, “She is the Villian of my prophecy!“, where the people sensed his gorgeous girl enmity!

That Morpher is to survive MY gorgeous villian girl until I reach Mr.Nigra!”, blushed the Hero while he sensed his mistress Adrenaline in stress of Jealousy !

So, you reached NIGRA?”, asked a protestant driven in much curiosity!

YES“..told the Dopa which hugely stirred up the crowd in excitement!


I saw THEM to be the Mightiest knights with their lionized look, riding their Sagittarian Horses!“, told the Dopamine

Them?”, asked the protestant driven in flamboyancy!

YES, 5 of Them!

The Warrior NIGRA!

The Cauterizing CAUDATE!

The Lion-hearted PUTAMEN !

The Glorious GLOBA!

The Supreme SUBTHALAMIAN!“, admired Dopa as if he had captured Gods thro his eyes!

They were glad to meet and I skimmed my survival for people’s non-survival”, added Dopa!

What did our saviours quothe?“, enquired the curious protestants!

To witness our prophecy in 7 Days!“, he stirred the entire crowd amidst confusion, desire and little fear!


The Protestants counted their days in the clock!

Day 1 gone..Day 2 gone..Day 3 gone..

Rumors all around the City that the “5 warriors” have been captured!

The Protestants stirred up, losing the last hopes of breathing Freedom!


Day 4 inched its period of DUSK…!

People begun to feel the Husk peeling off to reveal their prophecy!

Muscular labours, who work day and night for no wages, gets their lifetime bonus! They were rested! Yes, they are!

But, by the Cerebral King?“, asked one protestant!

NO, By the FIVE warriors!“, the protestants shouted happily!


The next 3 days unleashed the Real Freedom for the Protestants!

Heart pumped Happily! Kidney kindled the snergy!

Hands and Legs danced in will!

Liver aspired his Freedom breath!

Colons broke the colonized shackles!

Blood infused Silence and Peace!

Protestants felt their ears to be meditated, first time since they’ve born!

Live Long 5 Warriors ! Live Long Dopa!”, the chants vibrated everywhere and our hero Dopa lived his dreams

The Protestants decided to send their hero again to the 5 Warriors, in eagerness to know what happened!


I’m Kohli-the messenger!“, introduced a young Stardom Bird to the Freedom birds!

” ‘ve come here to take Dopamine for HIM!“, he further pointed!

“For WHOM?“, asked people

“The Cerebral King HIMSELF!”, ironically smiled Kohli !

The Protestants can never figure out Kohli’s smile- to be warm or to be cold?

“Let’s GO!, told Kohli and took the confused Dopamine, this time accompanied by his girl, for the MYSTERIOUS FUTURE!

The Story Continues…


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