I know that every one of us is busy in some way at all the time.  In our busy schedule, most of the part is filled with communication. So, today, I just want to express my desire in our attempting to act more keen and observant with our daily chaos of our work and other things we do subconsciously. We all like mingling with new people not mostly via some kind of casual talk but by getting connected through some need we have with them.  ‘Talking afresh with different people we meet, changing the way we talk and behave depending on the response of people we already know, the kind of behavior we exhibit with people we like the most or hate to core and all other means of our behavior with all kinds of our relationships where we continuously consciously trying to make changes’ is shaping our behavioral actions slowly and silently as we grow and it’s helping us in making changes within ourselves to express our desired actions after that change we adopted without compromising our necessity. I believe the beauty of the whole conversation lies in here.


Communications can really be effective and perfect, not just in random situations but can even go well every time. But I think there are some limitations and standpoints for it depending on the situation and timing we make that. Knowledge, the mood of the individual, age, the ego, the superego, economy, societal statuses are some of the limitation I believe to be there.  It’s not that these are such extreme barriers that make a communication completely futile and empty. Most of the time, it helps us to initiate our actions in an effective way. Above this, I find that the extent of observation we do with the situation while we communicate is useful in adding and eliminating our actions with people on the other side.

Conversations for me is a way of understanding people and myself within. It shows me the edges of the feel of happiness and sorrow while at the same time helps me to change my perceptions I have with others as I grow. It has the power to make a tremendous change in minds of humans which we had seen with many great leaders and dictators in our past.  If every action of us is made with the most possible observations and insight and with minimal distractions, I believe that we, for sure, can feel the joy in making the art of our actions and influencing the other’s reactions.


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