The Amazing Google!!!

The Amazing Google!!!


In 1995, at Stanford it was made;Google-Country-Doodles-05

By Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Who would’ve thought it’d be such a success,

Life without it would be an unimaginable mess.

It makes the virtual world so real

Of Internet it is the Achilles’ heel.


Google web is the ultimate search engine,

Gives millions of results in a moment on your

Customize your search, go scholarly or for trends

According to your wish the relevant results it sends.

The ever changing logo of Google,

Depicts the occasion in a funny doodle.

It also has a sense of humor and is witty,

Plays Breakout & Pacman, speaks Klingon and defies gravity.


Chrome, the browser, has many tricks up its sleeve,

When you see this err_msg, press spacebar & enjoy!!

When you see the err_msg, press spacebar & enjoy the game!!

Privacy, incognito and Safe for Kids on a single click.

Has its own Task Manager and Web Store for add-ons,

It is stable across all platforms.

Fast and simple in nature;

The ‘Jumping Dinosaur Game’ is an awesome feature.


Not to forget about the Gmail,

It is quite different from the regular mail.

Merged with Google Drive is the large storage,

Tabbed Inbox and Labs are some other advantage.

You can also chat and make free voice call,

Google+ replaced Buzz for social network; once and for all.


Travel to new places, find ATMs and B&B,google-street-view

Google Maps is your best company.

See the Eiffel tower or wander in the Times Square from your home,

Streetview will take you to any famous place you want to roam.

It also gives real time direction,

It truly is an amazing application.


Communication is now no barrier,

Google Translate app is here.

Over 103 languages are applying,google-translate-word-lens

Though grammatically it is a bit unsatisfying.

Translates words, sentences or whole document,

Translating printed words from Word Lens is an awesome improvement.


Google photos comes with an Assistant.

Yes! It is very intelligent.

Deletes duplicates, compiles in the form of story.

Uploading photos is hassle-free & without any worry.

Edit them as you like.

Backup and use from your Google Drive.


Just like the Microsoft OfficeGoogleVoiceTypingTry

Google Docs has word, ppt & spreadsheet.

Almost all the features of Office with Templates & Research Tool,

But a lot better as Voice Typing makes it so cool.


Share, view & edit your photos or doc file

Once you’ve stored them in Google Drive

15 GB space is free; rest is subscription,google drive

Unlimited space for the apps: Work and Education.

Easy to work with your documents offline

Or find new templates and apps by going online.


Google+ and Hangouts are for social media,

But Facebook and Whatsapp still rule; atleast in India.

For publishing your ideas, Blogger is the key;

Unlike WordPress, it is totally free.

YouTube is also its subsidiary,

Watch and share videos and create your own library.


So not only on Windows but also on Android,google-supported-platforms

There is no platform where Google isn’t supported.

Imagine your Smart phone without Play Store,

Wouldn’t it be a total bore?

Without games and all these useful applications,

You’d be so stuck in your routine functions.


In addition to these apps, there are many moregoogle1

Most are free while some you’ve to pay for.

What started as a search engine in a room of Stanford University

Has grown and emerged with such diversity.

It has affected every aspect of life (work & entertainment) and society,

And has become as important as oxygen and electricity.

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