That Love Doesn’t Exist, Because It Never Lasts – A Myth Busted

That Love Doesn’t Exist, Because It Never Lasts – A Myth Busted

We see a lots of couples in our life, we see some around us..some in movies..we hear some love stories..some of us have experienced love and so on..
But, unfortunately, the state of Love not a pretty picture. There are the so-called break ups, divorces, hatred and depression…and to go on an extreme note, even acid attacks,suicides, what not?! And the basic picture that Love has that Love Doesn’t exist, because it Never Lasts Forever!!! But I disagree…


I believe the world is filled with 3 types of people –
Type 1- They are the ones who believe, that Love is the ONLY Important thing, and that the “world runs on Love”, LIKE BREATH. They will go to the extents of anything for love, even death or murder!

Type 2- These people literally abhor love! Generally due to a sad experience,they believe, also sadly preach that Love doesn’t exist, that it TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY! They will do anything to keep away from Love, even at extremes, death or murder!

Type 3- People belonging to this type, Respect and Admire Love.They believe that Love is ” A BREATH OF FRESH AIR”. They believe that it is a PART of Life..not life itself or that life without it, is the Best. They don’t choose or lose love, they just let it Happen!

Type 1 and Type 2 are extremes, and we all know, that too much of anything is a BAD Thing! Just the same, Type 1 and Type  2 people are sadly a majority, and are the reason for the Wrong picture of Love.

Of course, everyone has their own point of view, but this article is just an attempt of a Type 3 girl trying to Bust what she thinks are myths  – That love never lasts forever! That love doesn’t exist!
For that, I have to tell you a story – A True story, A Real one!


Samhitha and Rehan loved each other, not like they were each other’s breath! Their love was like the fire and snow! Not obsessive, not possessive, they complemented and completed each other. They coexisted like fire and snow come together as water, as pure as that! Samhitha’s worst pics were his favourite, and to her, Rehan’s worst qualities, were his best! Their love never destroyed them and it was unforgettable, unexplainable, but a love that only they could understand!
But things changed, for them , and also the world around them. A tension started to build in their relationship.Of course, Love always has challenges and obstacles, but, to what limit you are ready to fight them, and what you are willing to lose in the fight, are things that every person in love must decide one day.

That day came soon enough for Samhitha.


Samhitha sighed, as she sat down in break.She stood, literally dumb in VIVA today and she knew she was going to fail. But what hurt her most of all were the examiner’s words.

” Didn’t you read anything?!What did you do yesterday?! ” the examiner demanded.
She frowned. ‘Talking to my boyfriend all day?’ she thought inside.
” At this rate, you’ll never become the great person you want to be!” the examiner snarled and went away.
As insulting as those words were…the Truth in them hurt her more!

Rehan was comforting Samhitha over the phone and she was already beginning to be herself again, until, suddenly she saw Deeksha, her friend getting up beside her and walk outside. So she told Rehan goodbye and turned to Deeksha.

“Hey, where are you going? ” she asked.
“Bakery”, Deeksha said in a matter of factly tone.
Samhitha was hurt. ” And me? “, she demanded.
” Well you’ re always busy with Rehan, I didn’t want to disturb you “, she said indifferently.” Do you want to come?”

Samhitha was frozen for a moment, but she found herself again and shook her head.Deeksha went away, but her words struck Samhitha again..’ always busy with Rehan’.

She tried to ignore the thoughts again. But she couldn’t help overhear people talking behind her.
“Rehan and Samhitha are in a relationship? Look where its got her!”
Samhitha slammed her books in her bag and headed home.

Samhitha plopped onto her bed and started texting Rehan that she had gone home. She knew he would go crazy if she didn’t.

” Sammy!”, Guarav, her little brother suddenly came into her room.
But Samhitha was already stoned with exhuastion. “Guarav not now, please.” , she said and went back to texting.
Suddenly Gaurav took her phone and slammed it into pieces!
” Gaurav!” she cried looking at him and was awed to see him in tears.
” I need you!” he cried. Her heart cringed a 3rd time that day.

The door bell rang and Samhitha went to open it. She gasped, It was Rehan! Her mother stood beside her mirroring her surprise.
” Why did you come?! You crazy?!” Samhitha demanded.
” I was worried Baby, your phone was not reachable and I wanted to know you were safe!” he said.
” Damn, my phone had broken! You didn’t have to come for that!” she said panicking about what her parents would think.
” I don’t care…about anything! I’ll do any amount of crazy for you!”, he insisted.She blushed madly.


It was like Samhitha’s life had changed, all in one moment. One moment, she was heartstruck over Rehan coming for her like that, the next she was heartbroken over her parents’ words.
” How could he come home like that?! What are you doing?! He’s of a different family! Are you in a relationship?! We didn’t think you’d do this!” These words were enough for Samhitha.The last thing she wanted was to lose everything!
She thought she had 2 choices. She had to either choose to balance Rehan and everything else…or she had to lose one side of the balance..sadly, that side had to be Rehan.


Rehan and Samhitha fought a lot the next 3 months. Things just changed! At a point, Rehan was frustrated, he couldn’t understand. He started to lose hope too. And finally, Samhitha decided to end it all.


Rehan kept reading Samhitha’s message over and over.


” I don’t have the art of getting by, leave me alone I have to touch the sky!
Sometimes we have to let go, live life, like it was a long time ago!
Cuz I’m a typical Indian girl, and we are both from different worlds!
Maybe we’ll meet again, when we are slightly older and our minds are less hectic!
And I’ll be right for you and you’ll be right for me!
But right now, I am chaos to your thoughts, and you are poison to my heart!
Untill then Bye!”CYMERA_20160604_212231

He exhaled painfully and typed back ” I won’t ask why you can’t be my girlfriend..but I’ll ask you this – Can you be my Best Friend Forever?!”
He got his reply the very next second – “Yesss!!!”


And so, it did last forever! Yes, they did move on, they did each have a family of their own. No, they did not cheat. No, they did not ignore their families, but yes! Their love did last forever!

He protected her always. She always cared for him. He was there to cheer her up. She was there whenever he needed her,at low times. They were the Best of Friends. He caught her every tear, and she never let him shed a tear!CYMERA_20160604_212652

And if you ask me how I can call it love when they stayed friends… ? Define Love..
Since I’m a doctor, I referred a Medical Dictionary. According to that, Love is defined as –   An act of showing care, affection, and to a certain extent passion to SOMEONE or even SOMETHING! So by this definition, can’t you love your family, friends..?! Can’t you love your career; interests – dance, sports, etc; animals; food?! What about feelings? We all love to be happy! What about God?!

Can’t love be made of these?
To love and be loved are the keys..
And everybody is finding it somewhere..not only those who’ve seen men kneel on their knee…
And yet they say love doesn’t exist or happens only once, only 2 a lucky few but never lasts forever?!
I can’t but disagree!CYMERA_20160604_211754

A senior, and a great friend, I respect, once told me, “To say..I tell people , “Lover” is just a term; and “Love” is a feel..that feel, could be with anyone, with your bestie too!” I believe that his words, seal my message.

Before I sign off, I’d like to point out, that, whenever there is a turning point to a relationship, everyone sees only 2 choices – to lose or choose love. But there is a 3rd that people don’t realise, it is – to make the best out of it!!!


So, Love DOES exist, it DOES last Forever!!!


On first meet, Akshara appears to be the typical quiet, shy, & sensitive girl who does nothing but smile & nod. But inside she's a burning fire, bold and dangerous. Lucky for us, she only brings that side out, while writing, or when angry, which is why her friends call her "Silent Killer"! An NRI by education, presently studying in M.B.B.S in Andhra Pradesh, has dreams of becoming much more than just a Doctor. Seeking to combine the powers of pen, scalpel, & a heartfelt smile, to change the world, she wants to make people Live, Laugh & Love! When she's not writing, or in college, you can find her in her room, dancing into oblivion, designing & creating, eating her friends' brains with her crazy philosophies or waiting to to taste her 1st coffee with The King of her Dreams, Man of her Life, & Mate of her Soul.


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