Hey babe, how’s your day been? No, you first…Oh.. what? The delay’s quite bad. Yeah, sorry..

Your voice crackles over the oceans that our internet speeds cannot traverse. I glare at the wallpaper of us adorning my phone screen, cursing the two centimeter cubicle I had to enter to make this phone call. I resent my eerily happy co-worker with her in-town boyfriend as I try to paint my most professional facade, steadily bracing myself for another day with poor connection.

Where are you, I can’t really hear you. A taxi distracted. Anyway you.. You were saying?
Wait, uh…love, now they’re waving me over. Can I call you back?

The simplest rituals make the hardest souvenirs- We grab our morning coffee and hail a taxi to work. You laugh your sly smile, recollecting stories from the night before, “I wish you were there babe, they were asking about you.” The heady rush from your sincere words has us smoothly sailing through the next three years.

Our entwined hands and entangled lives. My bitten fingernails and our detached nights.

In joke, group laughter. Closing scenes in a meeting. Angel, angel why didn’t you tell me?

You reminisce about your childhood friends and fondest memories. Unfurling the complexities to the layers, you slowly recount your family anecdotes. “No one ever appreciated my cheating aunt,”  you wear your most solemn expression. I cross my heart with twiddling thumbs.

Our frenzied pumps and wine soaked promises. My indifferent words and your sobriety beaten remorse.

Yeah, everything’s fine. Why am I.. I don’t know why
I probably just need sleep. It’s been a busy week
Sorry, I’ve got to go. So, ok.. bye

I switch off my phone and stealthily creep back inside. His unfamiliar features and teasing lips tell me stories of his perfect childhood. He laughs his naive smile and unfolds the latex off the bed stand.

I grab coffee and hail a taxi to work later, as I remember why I was always so damn fond of your aunt.

Reach check-in, finally got through. Running for a flight, shoes off
You’re calling…. voicemail.

I unload your luggage with a heavy heart. “Don’t worry babe, we’re stronger than this. Distance got nothing on us.” You pacify me with your technical garb, about how the leaps in technology and media has us covered. I conceal the gnomes of doubt in my half smile across the endless terminal.

Our racing footsteps and squandered love. My dejected spine and your spent trust.

One second, someone needs directions. Can’t you see I’m on the phone?
This is just so unlike us. Cut back to horizontal isms. If we could win just one small touch.
Contact versus tele-miscommunications.

“I always knew we would make it. Stronger together, always.” Your sloppy kisses are my most adored alarm. I watch your silhouette against the skyline; the faint sunlight paints my favorite portrait. I see our bare souls enveloped in the certainty of our posted invites. I sense the excitement in the countdown to our shared final location.

Then, I watch our forever dissipate in your retracing footsteps from the doors to the chapel. I feel the chill of your receding reflection, as the dawn begins to set, yet again on my blank canvas.

Our common destination and renewed hope. Your wandering road and my misplaced faith.

This is just so unlike us. Cut back to horizontal isms. If we could win just one small touch.
Contact versus tele-miscommunications.

Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?

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