Self-Medicine: Be Your Own Doctor

Self-Medicine: Be Your Own Doctor

Iceberg! Every clinical scenario is an iceberg! There is always something hidden from a physician’s vision, under the water! So, every clinical care starts from an individual and starts from a home!

One person having repeated quarrels with his/her family, developing headache and peacelessness and finally diagnosed with hypertension! If he or she has a knowledge and habit of checking BP and kept himself cool, this would have not been occurred.

The art of Self-Medicine is must to learn for all of us!

Here are few things to be listed for your concern!


Every Indian’s must mantra to know nowadays! “Don’t be sedentary!”

Lazy attitude makes you sluggish and precipitate the risk of Diabetes, Heart diseases and Cancer.

Exercise Daily! Practice Yoga! Rock in any sports in your college! Or just go for a daily walk to a park( just alone)!

Let us not forget to follow hygiene habits in our daily routine for brushing, eating, bathing and most importantly, frequent & regular hand washing !

2) Food: 

Food is the important concern as India is leading in Diabetes! In Obesity! And in metabolic syndromes! Even in Cancer!

Diabetes is characterized by increased blood sugar level ! Why?!! Due to increased carbohydrate (rice) intake!

So please not stick to your rice always!!

Your diet should contain all carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, proteins, minerals and water in proper amounts! For that, all you have to do is to follow some simple things like:

1) Eat less rice

2) Include fruits and vegetables in your diet schedule daily

3) Use less oil for cooking

4) Salt intake must not be more

5) Drink more water

6) Avoid cold beverages, snacks and oily chats

3) Stress:

Everyone in life are somewhere feeling sad of something! What’s that stress gonna stress on your life?!!

Well, being in stress surely reduce your lifetime, majorly precipitating heart diseases!

Soz just accept the things and be happy with what you have! Life is short and don’t make it too short!

4) Addiction:

Alcoholism! Causes liver cirrhosis & cerebellar degeneration!

Smoking! Precipitates lung cancer!

Smart phones too! Why not?! Causes mental detachment from your surroundings!

Any drugs can be in, too!

Avoid being addicted! Stay free and Secure!

5) Knowing your health status:

You shall keep checking your blood glucose and blood pressure at you nearest pharmacy! 

Keeping a habit of checking these values monthly once, doesn’t cost much of your time and cost and also keeps you in great relief!

If you are a woman crossed puberty , just keep doing ‘Self Breast Examination’ regularly and if you dunno what it is, google it today!

You shall notice how much you drink a day and how much you eat a day!

You shall notice how many times and how much urinate and defecate, which are those common things we never notice!

You shall check your skin at you bath! You shall assess your skin & oral hygiene!

These are few among the many things, we forget to do today which makes us to regret tomorrow!

What to regret tomorrow ! If you don’t forget today?!

Life is to live long as possible. So, male it as long as it can!

Let’s be our own doctor! 

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