Save The Saviours

 So well mom used to tell me, darling think twice before you choose this field. Thrice a week night duty, endless sleepless nights, being at your toes all the time, plus innumerable fat books to settle in your head. No social life till atleast you finish your youth! You think you will be able to manage?
Yes mom, whatever it takes, I want to become a doctor. I was only 13 years old when the decision was made. Since then till now when I am 21, innumerable sacrifices not just by me, by my family too! Well, 10 more years to go.
Mom wakes up at 5.30 in the morning sometimes so that I get a good dabba with me and also so that I be on time for my 8 am lecture.
When it is my exam time, not only I’m awake 24*7*2months, my mom is awake as well. My family has stopped expecting me at social functions. This is me, I’m a Mumbaikar and my college too is in Mumbai( I used to think its lucky, now I dont ksorry because so many assaults, all in Mumbai)
What about the hostelites? They dont see their families at all for months altogether! Let aside everything else, they already have to cope up with the hostel rules, including the unsatisfactory mess food, no space to move rooms, cold water baths and the endless list!
All this for?
Just to get a tag “Dr”

Well little did we know that this very tag, will put us into losing our eyesite, fractures and god knows what! May be send us to god himself for training how to miraculously save a terminal stage patient! Could we include a subject on black magic in curriculum? That may satisfy the patient! It goes in my head like “sorry we dont have the neurosurgeon available in our hospital, but we know black magic. So would you like to transfer him or you want us to TRY black magic on him?”

Heard of TB? Hep B? HIV? Well if the ratios are seen, many of the patients to these diseases would be doctors themselves! Not because they got it via the sexual route, heard of a needle prick though right?

Documentary on 26/11  Mumbai attacks was made and everything about the attacks was made clear! What they didn’t show was the number of doctors who were on duty for those whole 5-6 days in the four colleges in Mumbai. Yes, when you were busy making your loved ones safe and keeping them home, doctors had given up hopes of life and were treating the injured.

Now when I think about which post graduate field I should be taking, I have set a criteria, criteria not including my choice, a criteria including a single point, which field has least danger of being beaten up! I would probably end up taking nothing!

Agreed. That your loved one is on the death bed. Agreed. That you can’t see him like that. Agreed. That it is the most difficult situation in your life. Agreed. That you have lost your senses.

We may not be factory workers, but we surely are humans. And surely, even we have been given the “Right to Life” and the “Right to Health”.

And in this “intolerant” county, where cities have been set on fire for reasons like a bus driver got hit, the doctors have to be “tolerant” enough. Surely, the oath doesn’t include a verse that would go as “Be on duty even if people are hitting you”.

Everyone would protest, would hit the social media in anger when your favourite hero is being arrested or is put behind the bars!
This time, come protest for these real life heroes. Protest enough to sensitize the authorities.

P.S. The protests are not in any form against our duty to save a patients. They are to sensitize the authorities about the need for security for the doctor.

#SaveTheFarmer #SaveTheSoldier #NowSaveTheDoctor


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