Rob, Grandpa and Me – II

Rob, Grandpa and Me – II

(…….in continuation) “I feel right about us, I want to give this a shot.”

For the firsts, this may have been his rebound. He had just convinced himself out of his seven-year long ‘itch’, as the woman had refused him without changing her mind once, in the last couple of years. True, they were a thing during his college days. They were more or less a thing when he got his first job. But then, the physical distance and many more issues led to the fallout. I don’t know what is all the hullabaloo of having a long-distance relationship? They call it ‘LDR’. Funny, they have an acronym for it as well, associating it with enough importance as to figure out an acronym! Like we do in medicine? Ankylosis Spondylitis being shortly called as ‘AS’, Multiple Sclerosis as ‘MS’. These are important, serious diseases.

Maybe, to the commoners, ‘LDR’ is an incurable disease too. Rob was afflicted with it for long. While his ex-woman was off to the US, pursuing her Masters in Engineering. He says it was tough and he wasn’t ready to embark on one right now. But then, did he have a choice?

“Do I have a choice now?” His voice rang aloud.

The abrupt news of his immediate transfer to this oil rig off the coast was unforeseen. And I was unsure if he would still continue with whatever we were into for the last couple of weeks. But then, where and how did it exactly begin?

In the foyer. It was late. I wasn’t sure whether the casual dinner was a surreal date or not. I was sure he was smitten. And I was sure it was a date when he held his head real low, resting it on my arms. After looking up, all that was left was a gesture that didn’t require words.

“I feel right about us, I want to give this a shot.”

“It is indeed going to be tough.”

“As long as you clean up my shit and I clean up yours…”

“Well, don’t forget to get the toilet paper.”

I had specifically asked him for the toilet paper. He never got it. And as it implies, I couldn’t clean his mess either. We went on with it. Time and our surroundings didn’t matter to us as long as we were sure about what we were doing. He was a self-aware person. I was an ‘assured’ person. We were astute about our commitment.

That’s when the universe conspires and gives you a curve-ball.

“I don’t know Rob! You are going! What am I supposed to make out of it? After you have clearly said that you are against long distance relationships!”

“We will figure it out.”

“Can you do this?”

“Let’s not speculate. Let’s see where this takes us!”

We spent time together; me, after my hectic work back at the unit; him, after his grinding work back at his office. We were spending quality time. And that was when it was important for him to meet grandpa. Because grandpa was my only immediate family. Mom had passed away with liver abscess that had infected her blood so much so that, her organs couldn’t survive the ordeal. Dad was long gone; my parents took a perpetual sabbatical from their relationship when I was 12. And thus, I was family-less. Except for my aunt, uncle and two cousins, who lived in the dainty fringes of the city and came over once in a while and loved me enough. That’s how my life was. And Rob sort of knew what I needed exactly when I was about to lose my wits from ‘imposed seclusion’. He loved me. Cared for me. And knew, I was as workaholic as he was. We were chalk and cheese. But that? Wasn’t the point. I had screamed again then. To explain grandpa who Rob was.

“I am dating him Grandpa!”

I was loud enough for my neighbourhood to lend a ear and get hold of some gossip! But my grandpa had a different concern.

“What about your work? Are you working well enough?”

“Work is fine! It’s not that a relationship is going to distract me! I am old now grandpa!”

He had smiled then. Not that I faced disapproval from his end. Not that my family disapproved of it either! My uncle and aunt seemed to like the boy too. And so did his family know that he was dating a girl named me! Everything was known, said and explained. And five years down the line? He wanted to make it official. He wanted to be my family man. I wanted to be his woman. And so he had put down with resolution, “Lady… You are off the market now. You belong to me.”

I liked the resilience in his voice. I had found a sanctuary in a man after years of emotional failures that had only drained me from within. I knew I was ready for this commitment.

Though it seemed to be an unbelievably long one.  Then? he was ready to leave.

(……a bit more patience please! to be continued 🙂 )


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