Pressure Cooker : Cooking our lives?

Pressure Cooker : Cooking our lives?

Pressure cooker: cooking our lives?

It’s just been a a decade when the temperature, both, in and outside our heads have shown rising trends..
Somewhere from global warming to educational throbbing we’ve all been thriving to meet the two ends! Life and Smile.
So what’s the reason? What’s missing?
In one word, I would repeat Kiran’s golden word! “INTOLERANCE” .. To twitter comments?
Intolerance to failure!
Intolerance to rejection!
Intolerance to those empty pockets!
Intolerance to adjustment!
The list is never ending!

“I never wanted to do this but all my friends have passed in the f.y.j.c. and I failed because I couldn’t appear for my exams.. I was ill. I am a failure. I don’t want to disgrace you dad!”

“I am doing this because my only love (“the last girl” on this planet) rejected me. I can’t live without her”

“I am doing this because my parents care more about my sibling”

“I am doing this because things have changed between us”

Sounds silly?
Yeah but only when you are calmly reading this article here!

Now that’s exactly why we need to switch of the pressure cooker inside the skull!

“Life is colourful” said the kid who you were 10 years back!
Yes! There are flowers and rainbows all around only if we stop being blinded by the cancerous substance!
Lets give a try to switching off the pressure cooker within us.. Smile and make the world smile!


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