Pregnancy & The (food) Prejudice

Pregnancy & The (food) Prejudice


Our Indian culture celebrates motherhood and consider it divine.Well,then why the food taboo? If a woman starts to have excess sour and tangy food(like mangoes,tamarind and pickles),elders consider it the sign of pregnancy.From here starts all the restrictions……

There is a (fake)concept called hot and cold foods ,hot food(like mango, jackfruit & pineapple) are believed to increase “body heat” and cause morning sickness or miscarriage & cold food(like diary products ,some vegetables & fruits)cool the body and are avoided.Consumption of saffron in milk and turmeric is encouraged as they’re believed to lighten the skin color of the baby.

The famous papaya taboo is that,women should not consume ripe papayas which has lesser latex content than its unripe counterpart which causes increased uterine contractions.

About the foods & the size of the baby…..

Overeating causes a big belly &a big baby,that delivery becomes difficult. Drinking fresh milk deforms the fetus. Excess of one food-the baby becomes the size of the food itself! If the expectant mother is given twin fruits.. or vegetables like twin bananas,mangoes and cucumber,twin babies will be born to her!! twins ahoy!!

Alas! why not the iron & folic acid tablets?! A must-be-taken tablet to prevent neural tube defects are avoided because they stain the stools brown so they can tan the baby too!

People could only be approached in a combined scientific and traditional way to avoid all these misconceptions.

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