Pathology weds Pharmacology

Pathology weds Pharmacology

The Man who has born to kill people !

The Lady who has born to kill animals !

Both have joined hands to turn our minds mystical !


It’s been since the world has born, HE is longing for his partner-in-crime to complement his consequences! SHE must be the angel he had been awaiting for years ! A perfect chemistry has made them the best complement for one-another !

“Without you, I’m done!”, told She !

“Without you, I’m demon”, told He !

Now after getting engaged, the couple are the parents of Two Kids:

One kid speaks with drugs and one kid speaks with scalpel !

The couple have been living for each other happily !


Several years later..

The Same Couple in the court:

Amidst: Microbiology-The Immature Judge

Reading the notice given by the mystical couple turned Tom & Jerry !

HE creates products which I can’t heal!”, told SHE

“SHE creates havoc instead of hacking my products!”, told HE

The Couple ‘ve got what they’ve wanted !

The kids can’t go either side all alone ! They stayed neutral and flamboyant as usual !


Sooner the situations have flipped !

The masses of the 3rd round planet has begun to die !

Lot of Patients are surprisingly coming to my OP!“,

cries Forensic Medicine to the Great Grandpa-Anatomy !


Anatomy makes its way for the best negotiation to the couple !

You ‘ll never be blamed if She is your Kith !”

“You ‘ll never be praised if He is not your Kin !”

Told the Great G-pa to the couples !

The couple realises the mistake done in their part !

The Couple Kissed ! The Couple Hugged ! The Couple Cried !

Atlast the world gets the Delight !



Venue: University Examinations

” Please come and cutely curse this couple “

Yours Lovingly:

Second Year MBBS Students



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