A deadline coming up in a couple of days and even a dirt is not moved in its direction; a huge debt to be paid and not a single penny in the hand; the person who stole the precious heart left it broken and unlike broken art it’s not beautiful; the thin strand on which the marriage dwelled on is about to snap; the long distance friend to whom distance didn’t matter seems to be long lost now; the family which once was symphony is not even musical now; once where there was a heart and it was full of emotions, there’s a void and it’s numb; the career upon which my whole life was built is about to be shattered in front of my eyes taking me into the storm along with it and there’s not even a boat to sail away;

So many situations out of hand and what do we do?
Watch a movie!
Read a book!
Take a trip!
Sip in a cup of coffee?
Party hard?!

In other words we try to escape the world of reality and find solace in an imaginary little bubble where we feel safe. We call ourselves normal? There’s a little tinge of madness in all of us. Without that tinge, maybe we all end up as the “definition of madness”?

Let’s try an embrace that little part of us, the unreal part, that’s where we feel safe. Once in a while, we need a detour back there in order to find the way we were headed. A detour to find the original path desired path. Lose that stress and tension in that little space and comeback new to face the challenges that’s real.

Happy New Year 2018! Let’s do it!


Addicted to words ;-)

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