Mysterious Ant-hole

Mysterious Ant-hole



The mysterious case of ants coming out of a 12 year old’s ears caught me while I was skimming the newspaper while taking a newspaper break from reading ENT (was it a coincidence?!).
The case goes like this, a twelve year old girl is brought to the OPD of an ENT specialist by her father who found big -big ants(not sure about how big) coming from his daughter’s ear. The girl didn’t have any kind of pain. She experienced mild irritation (probably she wanted to scratch her ear) when she told her father. The doctor examined and took out 10-12 ants from her ear and sent her home. After about 10 days, the next set of ants came out. The doctor removed them and this time checked if there’s a queen ant responsible for these ants, but couldn’t find any. The episode again repeated. The father then took her to various other ENT specialists, some of the best ones and no one is yet able to figure out the reason behind discharge of ants from ear (like otorrhoea, is this formicorrhoea?!). The father claims that it’s not familial (meaning the ants were not inherited 😉 ).

Now, the million dollar question is where is that Mysterious Ant Hole? if there is one. And if there isn’t one, where are these ants coming from?

I felt it interesting to share.

This is the source article:


Addicted to words ;-)

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