“My Virtual Girl”-Poem

“My Virtual Girl”-Poem

“Is She, my dreamy Pisces?
Must be the God’s Blisses!
The girl came from the heaven!
Made my odd love, even!
God’s smile in her lips!
Pearls whirl in her teeth!
Within a blink, a soul slips!
And my heart starts to leap!
Cotton does absorb water!
So does her heart with my feel!
Is She the Empathy’s master?
For any soul, she can be heal!
Every Father’s dream daughter!
She came for my dreams of deal!
Fell for her signature laughter!
And her aroma does the steal!
Yes, a girl born in my dreams!
To make my soul complete!
Like an angel, she does wonders!
To make my success, repeat!
My love is new and eternal!
Not easy for anyone’s plea!
“She” is the true embodiment
For the divinity of my soul & me!”
A Glimpse of Abstract Memories from
Srinath KM


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