My Parallel Universe of ‘Love’

My Parallel Universe of ‘Love’

A Parallel Universe is just a complement of our Universe.

There a softest girl can turn the simplest. And a simplest guy can turn the softest.

A parallelism to my reality lives in my night shades- when he becomes the softest creature on earth, instead me

I wonder when he hugs his teddy and displays an ‘how-cute-it-is’ smile

I wonder if he takes 1 hour 24 minutes to dress-up and scan my eyes for an ‘how-gorgeous-you-are’ look

I wonder for my ‘with-you-forever’ words and if he really ‘blushes‘ for the same

And if I am that possessive to care for 25 hours-a-day

I wonder if I can look into my guy’s eyes and speak a Shakespeare’s. We are expressionists and just wordless, u know

I wonder if I talk about handsome guys and enjoy those cutely-possessive ‘how-dare-you-are’ expressions

I wonder when he leans on my shoulder and feels a ‘love-you-forever’ warmth.

I wonder when he blabers on his ‘I-ate-3-idli-only’  stories.

I wonder if I cutely stare for his ‘I-walked-this-much-for-u-know’ complaints

I wonder when I fight like-a-hero against rogue-girls arrasing him.

I wonder for his Good night with a  ‘why-can’t-we-talk-for-5-more-mins’ tone

I wonder when he gives me a ‘why-u-didnt-hug-me‘ stare & I smartly love it

I wonder if he blushes for my ‘u-r-cute-when-u-cry‘ looks

I wonder if I softly hold his head & he falls mad with my ‘never-gonna-leave-you’ sight

I wonder when we hold hands and overwhelm with a ‘love-you-forever‘ feel

Girls never gonna be simplest & Guys never gonna be softest.

Still, never the Unison gonna change: A-simplest-softest-love


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