Love of the love of his life!

Love of the love of his life!

A short story to feed your eyes both literally and in imagination… About the love of the love of his life…

There he sat, with her wedding album in his hands, looking at the girl he loved standing and posing with another man. He loved her more than anything else in the world, he lived for the sake of her, but perhaps it’s time for him to let her go. After all, she had moved on. With teary eyes, he looked away from the album. His eyes fell on the photograph on the wall. It was the first picture they took together. Deep into that picture he went, tresspassing the time, reliving that moment.

Everyone were doing some or the other thing while she was left alone, away from the rest. She was cute, sharp eyes, small nose and colorful cheeks. She caught his attention instantly. He went to her and asked for her name. She was hesitant, how can she talk to a stranger who might probably take her away. He smiled at her and sat by her side. After an uncomfortable pause, he spoke again. He asked, do you like me? Do you think you’ll be able to live with me? I ll take care of you well he said. She stared at him. And slowly the stare turned soft, probably she found the love and solace in his eyes which she was deprived off since long, since very long. She smiled, and said I’m Sarah, what’s your name? He was glad that she smiled and even more glad to listen to her sweet voice. He then told his name. They started chatting about the weather and the beauty of nature. She seemed happy and that made him happy.

He asked her to pose for a photograph and he took out his camera and took a selfie. The first girl to pose with him for a photograph! Her cheeks blushed and the color of her cheeks painted his! Overall the picture was awesome!

Memories were sweet. He had adapted her that day from the orphanage. He had decided to live his life for her that day. He silently thanked his friend for taking him to that orphanage for charity. He found his love.

Looking back into the album, he sighed! Today, his love had grown up to fall in love with her love! Her cheeks still blushed the same, this time it painted her husband’s cheeks red.

He had lived the life he wanted. At the age of 27, he abandoned marriage and adopted Sarah as his daughter. He found his happiness in hers and that still made him happy and his life meaningful!


Addicted to words ;-)

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