Life is precious, I will not end it!

On the fateful night of the 14th of February, Dev waited for the night to fall. He then reached out to his hidden beer in the bathroom and when he felt he couldn’t feel enough, he pulled out his sharp stainless steel razor blade and with one swift stroke, slit his wrist. Having left his parents ‘in the dark’, he stood silently outside the door until he began to turn as cold as the night. He then went back inside, rested on the sofa and continued watching TV until he passed out but only to wake up his mother sleeping on the floor with his flowing blood.

I asked, “why?”
He said, “for a girl.”
After 6 long years, she decided she had to leave. He could not sleep, he could not eat and could not even gather attention to do anything. Neither could he see the future nor he could forget the past.
“If one sees nothing else, what else is left to be done”, he muttered.

4 weeks spent in the mental hospital and dosed with mental health, he now equipped with coping skills shouts to the world, “Life is precious and I will not end it.”


I am a born nomad who swings and sways with passions many! A Doctor from Manipal/ Budding Psychiatrist at Vellore/ Swimmer/ Philosopher/ Lover of words/ Saviour of hearts and definitely not the Telugu mass superstar!

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