LexiStory- A Sequel to ‘The Origins’

Dedicated to its founders- Drs. Suranjana, Abhijeeth Sharma and Sakhi Shah

         The founders meet for the first time.

“It’s our baby. How can we abandon it?!,” said Sakshi trembling on the phone. I could feel the goosebumps on her skin as they fought the chilly winds of Mumbai. It was December 2013, almost 1 year since we delivered Lexicon and exactly that time of every year when we have exhausted our funds, and with exams steaming at us, are thrown into this eternal dilemma of shutting down our little venture- ‘Lexicon‘ or just holding on, a little longer. After that conversation, we continued our journey and produced HUMANAE VITAE- a fine anniversary edition.


      (from Left) Raviteja, Renzo and Sakhi

It is really hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since that day and we Lexiconians continue to hold our reigns tight. What is the right word to describe Lexicon, I wonder. Passion? Intellect? Medical literature? Or just a nerdy medico getaway? Lexicon, I realize as I write this, isn’t just about a magazine but that fire in the belly. Lexicon is a way of life. Lexicon continues to find it’s time between our busy night shifts, steals a thought or two while we wipe the tears of our patients, makes our hearts skip a beat as we create a piece of literary art and re-read it each time in the magazine.

        Raviteja and Suranjana


        Suranjana and Abhijeeth

Our biggest achievement, which I’m sure our founding fathers and mothers would agree, was when we found a few grey hair(read as wisdom) on Abhijeeth’s scalp an year ago. This followed a rigorous pan-India talent search that brought us- Saniya and her magnificent team! We found the same fire in this younger, innovative and enthusiastic bunch. What followed was a series of interviews, script scrutiny, elections, workshop and handing over of Lexicon. What a journey it has been.

Under this dynamic leadership, Lexicon continued to produce some of it’s finest editions in the last year- The Code War, Love Sex And Adolscence, A Game Of Hormones, Madness, Emergency!, Parallax and Just Kidding (from birth to reality) and had covered its fair share of events with growing number of readers.


                The young Lexiconian blood.


To the young Lexiconians– Let Lexicon remain another thing that wakes you up everyday, something interesting that you can brag to your friends about, that magazine gig that you can use as a conversation breaker as you proudly announce that you work for Lexicon that broadcasts medical literature and art to the rest of the world!

Hail Lexicon.

As always,



Lexicon anchored at the banks of river Mandovi in Goa.





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