Lexicon’s Top 3 Bloggers of the Year 2016: Trisha Sunderajan

Lexicon’s Top 3 Bloggers of the Year 2016: Trisha Sunderajan

Dr.Trisha’s Bio

Entry into Lexicon: April 2016

Pen Name: Trisha

Number of Blogs in 2016: 11

Maximum Blogging Frequency: 3 per month

Number of monthly blogger awards: 2 (April 2016, September 2016)


Relationships, Love, Friendship, Diary

Top-Rated Blogs

(1) Inside my Mind

(2) 7 Minutes and You

(3) From the Other Side

(4) Can Flattery exams pass now?

(5) They shoot single people, don’t they?


Vocabulary Style: Elegant and Flamboyant

About Trisha’s Journey

Trisha Sunderajan is one of the most wonderful findings for Lexicon for the year 2016. She marked her impressive debut on April 2016 through her blogs “7 Minutes and You” and “Can Flattery exams pass now?” for which she won the Blogger of the Month Title (April 2016). She won her award within 10 days of joining Lexicon and she is the quickest Lexiconian to won the title

Trisha is well-attracted towards audience as a flamboyant writer & for her catchy titles and elegant vocabularies.  Trisha won her Blogger of the Month title again during the month of “September 2016” for her “Two Small Lines”.  Trisha is well-known for her expressive ideas on Relationships, Love and Friendship. Her “Inside my Mind” is the Top-most rated Blog of the Calendar year 2016


Trisha’s wonderful journey in Lexicon made her a contender, (along with Lavanya Pragada and Srinath KM) to grab the title:

“Lexicon’s Blogger of the Year-2016”

To read Trisha’s blogs: http://lexiconin.com/author/trisha/

Cast your vote at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16DRgtQkzc5vfT5wWLG-B31nCm2533TxJZmZjo_Tzvsg

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