The conclave of 13 medicos separated geographically but joined by a skype call was concluded by Suranjana’s “I really hope you’ll all nominate yourselves for multiple roles at Lexicon. It was great having you all tonight; thank you for your valuable time and support :)”
Raviteja added, “Looking forward to working with you in your new posts 🙂 I am sure you are going to have a great experience. Night is good, dream :)”

Who is Suranjana? Who is Raviteja? Nominate? Multiple roles? Lexicon?
Several more such questions might have popped up in your head, isn’t it? Well, let’s give you a sneak peak of all things that had had been happening.

Lexicon, to put simply, is a magazine by the students, for the students – mainly medical students. But what separates it from others is that, everyone irrespective of their academic background will understand and appreciate all the things that Lexicon has to offer.
Who are Suranjana and Raviteja? Well, they are doctors and Lexicon was their brainchild.
Nominate for multiple roles? Well, that is regarding the behind the scenes work and responsibilities.

Who am i? Currently in final year of my M.B.B.S., i am a newbie at Lexicon and i’ve had joined as a writer.

How did i know about Lexicon?
First heard of the name from my immediate senior Spandita and then out of curiosity, i checked out more on facebook.

How did it all start?
It all started with a birthday greeting. Lexicon had turned 3 years old Dec, 2015 and had put up a post on facebook. I wished happy birthday to which Lex replied, “Do you want to join Lexicon?” and When I replied in affirmative, I was asked to fill out a google form and submit.
Within a week, I got an email asking me to attend a recruitment meeting on skype. A wait of few days later, I got a reply from the team stating I had been accepted.
Now for a girl who had never been associated with anything and for someone who loves to read-write-and-network, it was a huge thing.

So, what is my status right now?
3 years and 14 editions later, I have become a part of Lex. I’ve written for the 15th edition, which would be out on 10th of April (do grab your own copy…we are working hard on it) and this was my first staff conference, if you would call that.

What do i gain?
Financially nothing. BUT it promotes and appreciates my love for writing. It is good to be associated with something which is related to your study yet is never drab. It makes you research on certain topics which will help you later in your practice. Take it from the horse’s mouth. I was allotted a topic from my final year subjects and final year has just begun at college. So it is expected of me not to know much about it. Yet the previous day, I actually answered a question in the class, surprising friends-frenemies-Professor alike.

What was the meeting all about?
Well, 3 of the 13 had been Lexiconers for a long time while the rest of are newbies. This meeting was more of an orientation programme hosted by Raviteja and Suranjana to give an insight to the working and responsibilities that being a Lexiconer came with.

How did it all go?
After some initial hiccups with connection problems, the skype call went pretty smoothly. Idea were exchanged. Personally for me, (it might sound a li’l silly) it sounded and seemed rather exciting because i’ve never had been to one such. It seemed like a play-date kind yet a rather serious and important discussion. Sorry if i am unable to express myself coherently but it was one-of-a-kind.

Did I pick up anything that struck a chord?
Well, not one but two. These two snippets about recruitment and passing on responsibilities made a lot of sense and they were:-
Suranjana : Let this thing go on in a cyclic way….this time i am conducting the meeting and next time, you will. Just because this time, you had not been the Director does not mean next time you won’t be.
Raviteja : During a cricket match, when one takes a great catch, all scream “superb” while we end up saying, “great reflex”. We are all trained to think differently…whatever issues may be. And we did need a platform to express ourselves. I had a great time here. I hope yours one is better.

Why should you read and subscribe to Lexicon?
Because it is be your magazine. Believe me, it will be yours if you want it to be. We know, being a medico, you need to read a lot. Now would you not like if others read you? That too without the fear of not passing but out of sheer interest and love?

This is an article by Bidisa, our new crew member!

Like Bidisa, if any of you are interested, you can write to us at info@lexiconin.com. We’ll be happy to widen our circle! After all, coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success!!

Let’s show the world the other face of medical students!

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