Lexicon: Best Story Blog of the Year 2016

Lexicon: Best Story Blog of the Year 2016





About the BLOG

The 7 Days

“The 7 Days” by Srinath KM is written on May 27, 2016 and the story depicts a brave mother of terminal illness who spends her last 7 days with much pain and emotions. The story is claimed to be highly inspiring and emotional in terms of narration

About the Author- SRINATH

Srinath’s journey in Lexicon started on January 2016, with a contradictory blog on Open Book System: “Open Text Based Assessment in Medicine- An Analysis”. He succeeded by constantly hitting his targets against current educational system through his blogs: “The Diary of Dreams” and “Health education: Our half-girlfriend”. Srinath changed his vision towards creativity and innovations by writing the blog “The Eighth Blog”- A Psychoanalytical blog on Women.

The two most important blogs in the 2016’s Journey of Srinath are his two Hypothetical Blogs- “The Porn Mathematics” and “KM’s Hypothesis: Why do we do Typo-errors?”, which secured him twice the “Blogger of the Month” awards for August 2016 and October 2016 respectively. Srinath’s story blog “The 7 Days”, dedicated to every mom, was claimed to be highly emotional and inspiring. Srinath is one amongst the Top 3 bloggers of the Calendar Year 2016. Srinath has the highest blogging frequency and highest number of blogs for the calendar year 2016.

Read Srinath’s blogs at: http://lexiconin.com/author/srinathk/


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