Lessons from the Queen of the Night- The Moon

Lessons from the Queen of the Night- The Moon

Every night, there are people like me who sit beneath the sky and admire the view. The Moon, the queen of the night spreading her glory is an impressive sight. Moon is often considered the centre of poetry, metaphors using moon are numerous, it has always secured a special place in literature irrespective of the language. Have you ever thought that the moon might have something to say to us? Give us some lessons to learn? To teach us what is life, what is success and many more? Here are some of the random thoughts that I thought the Moon had to deliver.

Picture Courtesy: Harish Srinivas, a budding astro-photographer

Picture Courtesy: Harish Srinivas

  • You needn’t burn through yourself to make yourself shine, you can even do that by simply remaining calm and reflecting light! Smart work is important.
  • Choosing the appropriate time is important to prove your worth, your glory wouldn’t matter when there’s a powerful sun up high already.
  • Be it your period of waxing or waning, being yourself is more important!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re at your best, your worst or midway between them, it’s your attitude that makes you beautiful!
  • Each day, portray a better version of you. There’s a lot to learn everyday.
  • It may seem safe to be veiled under the darkness but that’s not what you’re meant to be. Come out of the comfort zone, take up challenges, make use of the opportunities, explore the world, ascend higher and live your life to the fullest!

Get inspired by little things! Happy Living!!



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