Dearest Readers,

 Life of a self proclaimed Magazine junkie is wrapped in Glossy pages, beautiful pictures and printed words. It is highlighted with anticipation for the release of the next edition and dreams to be a part of creative, intellectual world. With blogging world at fingertips and twitter on the roll showcasing ones opinions and talent is no more a difficulty. But to be a part of collective/team is a different thing altogether. 

Last year when I took over as the Editor in Chief I was told that edition compilation and release gets difficult with every new edition (I assumed it to be a minor detail) three editions down and let me tell you this is the truth. We are a bunch of full time medical students and part time writers/managers , with every new creative initiative of Lexicon a new med school exam crashes our shore. Considering this I will with great pride say that we have jumped ever rising hurdles and completed 4 years, 17 editions. I proudly present before you the 18th edition (Crème De La Crème) “The Best of Lexicon”.

It has been our constant effort to create quality, authentic, creative and original articles. I hope that in years to come we are able to curate more of such scientific, literary, fearless, opinionated, strong, authentic, factual, differently themed articles; that we are able to create a community of national and international literary abled and curiosity enabled medical students. I hope that Lexicon will continue to be a platform for this rich community ; that lexicon will showcase and archive the best of Medical Literary endeavors.


They say Hope is all we have,

They say- be fearless, Dream Big,

They say- be courageous, Act on your dreams,

They say- you have Wings Of Fire,

What if we fail

They say- you will be a Phoenix

I consider it to be a privilege to take you all (readers) on the Lexicon Journey. This edition is a compilation of all the best articles from the past editions.

It is time we dive into 5th year of existences, wish us a luck and continue to shadow your love and endless participation.

This edition is a tribute to all Lexiconians who  give in extra to upload and curate the compilation ( Radhika, Amogh, Sonali and Swati for this particular edition).

Special thanks to Ravi Sir and Suranjana for being a continuous support and trusting me always.