Quest – a word signifying an ongoing search for knowledge, as well as the celebration of present achievements. And a search for knowledge is exactly what I have undertaken, ever since I have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Dr. Sushant Shinde’s wonderful institution.

On enrolling for the lecture series, to be 100% honest I expected a very straightforward ‘coaching class’ feel to the whole idea – you come, you sit, you listen, you go.

I am so glad I was wrong!

Of course, I did learn lots of Internal Medicine; the primary purpose of Quest. But what most people, including me, did not know is that Educating the student is only one-third of the story.

Educate-Inspire-Innovate: This is the mantra followed by Quest. And the faculty at Quest does that by bringing their experiences vividly to life, always ending with a strong message that is immediately applicable to life. Those lessons (probably more than Internal Medicine itself) are my most cherished ones from the 3 hour-twice weekly lecture series.

Probably Dr. Sushant’s (and my) greatest success comes from the annual innovation strategy he organises – Quest Unplugged, wherein students come up with new research and ideas, complete with statistics. The best part about Unplugged is that the students enjoy the freedom to choose whichever topic they wish to speak on – I chose to speak about my love for the mountains, simply because it had been a longtime dream.

And that’s not all.

Dr. Sushant guided us every step of the way, ensuring our final presentations turned out to be resounding successes. One can view these awesome presentations on YouTube; they have their own dedicated channel. Personally, the confidence Dr. Sushant has shown in me has helped me follow my dreams with all my heart.

I have also had the opportunity to speak to the faculty at Quest, on topics varying from finding your motivation to pursuing impossible dreams. Dr. Deepak Damodaran’s inspiring story of grit and determination has forever moved my heart.

I must assure you, it has been an experience I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. For medicine enthusiasts, it is an obvious must. But for those who wish to view medicine, and hence life, as a joyous adventure, Quest is the catalyst to spark your creativity.

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PS: Quest conducts lectures for developing concepts in Medicine and not for exam preparation. Currently, Quest Lectures are in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Thrissur, Solapur and Trivandrum.

The above article was submiited by Rhishikesh Deshpande,Final Year MBBS, LTMMC & GH, Mumbai.