The Vital Aspects

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G-Spotting: Can you or Can you not?

By, Dr. Pranav Pillai

Sex: Body or Soul?

By, R.Siddharth

Ties to Freedom

By, Nitish Nadkarni

Punjab: Drug Dependency and Decay

By, Dr. Subrat Kumar Das

Freud vs Fraud: Pyschoanalyzing Porn Addiction

By, Amogh Nadkarni

An orgasm a day keeps a doctor away!

By, Vinay Samant

Sexuality and Disability: The Not So Exclusive club

By, Dr. Spandita Ghosh

Asexuality: Myths and Facts

By, Dr. Nikita Agarwal

The Silent Atrocities:Femal Genital Mutilation

By, Radhika Ramesh

The Punishments to the Uterus

By, Sonali Mehta