All About Our Tiny Planet

Sonali Mehta


TNMC & BYL Nair Charitable Hospital


     Statistics state that 99% of the times, overreaction comes from the feminine part of the society and the masculine section doesn’t really care. Sounds sexist? Well, history is the proof that overreaction or for that matter reaction occurs only after prior adjustments and compromises!

     Relax! This ain’t a typical “relationship rules” article. It is all around us. It is the sweat or our foreheads, it is the dermatitis on our face, it is the unexplained fatigue!



     Ding dong! Rang the bell. A tired Ashish walked in as Aparna opened the door with welcoming smile. Ashish barely reached the sitting area and left loose his body on the bean bag. No Response. It had been a long time probably a month or two, since the evil headache had resided in his skull. Unexplained! His sugars were normal, pressure in the normal range, CT, MRI normal, no change in the refractive power of the eye. (Oh! Must be the stress then.) That’s exactly what came to Aparna’s mind and like a caring wife she enrolled Ashish for the boring Yoga Classes. Stress relieved; headache? No .

     So well, to relax at the end of the day, Ashish switched the news on. (Hope his TV didn’t start flashing “the news hour” :p)

The interviewer was questioning a well suited man about recent changes in the neuro medical sciences

     Dr Apte, an experienced neurophysician  said, ”Suddenly, there has been an increase in the cases of unexplained chronic headache. The clinical profile of the patients is absolutely normal! The blood reports, sugar, hypertension, ear and eye tests, everything is absolutely in the desired range; however, the headache, is proving to be a worse devil than the pain of cancer. And no one really knows what to do! Well of course you don’t want an increase in the cases of gastritis if you think we would prescribe Paracetamol!”

     The kinda bored interviewer turned to a dermatologist waiting to hear about some miraculous cream against ageing! But to her disappointment she said, ”Patients have increased with complaints of itching of unexplained origin. Sunburns have increased and they try to explain how they protect themselves with a thin scarf all day long which let me tell you is just a fancy way to get away from people’s vision.” (Yeah! UV rays won’t ask the scarf for permission to penetrate your skin)

     The interviewer finally turned to another man and asked him about changes in the respiratory illnesses.

    “At an annual meet of the Chest Physicians, a detailed discussion on the emerging respiratory conditions concluded stating a tremendous increase in the cases of allergic conditions like asthma, foreign body induced dry cough, etc! We may blame the smokers for automatically promoting non smokers to ‘secondary smokers’ but there’s more. Recent reports from the national climate control bureau have stated a clear cut increase in the pollution levels. Well according to them if the pollution increases further, everyone will have to start wearing masks like Mr. Bacchan in the movie ‘pink’.”

     Just when the reporter was about to conclude the boring interview (of course ‘Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad’ ) when she was given a breaking news to convey to the people.

     “Here comes a breaking news straight from NCR, Delhi. The pollution levels have exceeded the normal limits by a factor of 17!

People are falling sick. It has been advised that people stay indoors. Schools and other educational bodies have been closed for a week.” Just before she could say another word, she knew what the three White Coats were talking about! She continued, “Just a few minutes back, is what exactly we were discussing about, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DISEASES”

The picture of global warming around the world

     Ashish and Aparna looked outside their window; they could see the imaginary devil in the hideous coat of pollution. They could see it like a painting, on one side was a clear sparkle blue sky, lots of greenery, primitive lifestyle, tough but breathable, and on the other side, gray sky, tall buildings, the era of developed cities, easy life but unbreathable!

     55 lacs+  number of cars just in the capital city of Delhi!

All we need, is a little lifestyle change!

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Walk short distances instead of cabbing it up – it will save fuel, reduce the emissions, and do good to your health!
  1. Follow religiously, the plastic ban – it will prevent the clogging of drains, marine life will have little plastic to feed on and you will have better sea food!
  1. Go for a run, not in the morning, but at the night – in the night, the smoke that has been emitted during the day stays high up in the air and while the morning comes, it settles down in the lower atmosphere due to the cooler weather.
  1. India is a country of “making it big”; but do only fire crackers make your weddings lavish? – the best gift you can present to the newly married, is a healthy life
  1. “The electronic pollution” – Remember, the more you use your phone, the earlier it gets spoilt, earlier it will go down the drain, and increase the pollution. (Don’t tell me you use your spoilt phones like a piece of art in your hallroom!)

Do your bit, and stay fit!