Adolscence and Attraction.
The first kiss , the first heartbreak.
The first time you knew it’s not all about ‘pleasure’ ! Pleasure comes with ‘Pain’
The first orgasm ,The first wet – dream.
SEX , SEX ,  and SEX…
All on every teenager’s mind ! 
The spot so correct , be it G or P it’s continuously erring in everyone’s mind !
We welcome you to the world of SEXICON, an edition dedicated to SEX and Sexual Health.
Here begins the adventure !

The Parchment
Letter from the Editor

Theme Feature
Let’s Talk about Sex

Arbor Vitae
Unheard stories of unsung heroes!

The Critics
Through the magnifying glass.

A Reporter at Large
For a righteous cause

Talk of the Town
Hushed talks!

Doctor First
The healing hands.

Taking History
A Listening Ear.

Face to Face

LexiAmma’s Gyan
A motherly advice.

Global Vistas
A news bulletin.

The Vital Aspects

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The Boards
People behind the scenes