” A compilation of the best articles in all of the 17 editions, of the creative and rich medical literary legacy….”
They say Hope is all we have,
They say- be fearless, Dream Big,
They say- be courageous, Act on your dreams,
They say- you have Wings Of Fire,
What if we fail
They say- you will be a Phoenix

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The Parchment
Letter from the Editor

Anniversary Exclusive


Edition 17: Just Kidding
From Birth to Reality

Edition 16: Emergency
Medicine’s Frontline

Edition 15: Being Woman
The Power of XX

Edition 14: Parallax
The Difference

Edition 13: Madness
Redefining Mental Illness

Edition 12: Game of Hormones
Intrigued by the Hormonal Control

Edition 11: Love,Drugs and Adolescence
The Transition

Edition 10: The Code War
Our natural forces turning against us

Edition 9: In Hospitium
Hospital Stories and Nuances

Edition 8: The Sting Operation
Venture of Vector-Borne Diseases

Edition 7: The Bitter Sugar
An Ode to Diabetes

Edition 6: Humanae Vitae
Full of mystery and vitality

Edition 5: Known Case of
It stays forever!

Edition 4: The Hypocritic Oath
An ode to Diabetes

Edition 3: Of Knots and Ties
It stays forever!

Edition 2: The Social Poison
It stays forever!

Edition 1: The Cancerous Valentine
February and World Heart Month

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From the Cool Dude to the Hot Diva! 
By Sonali Mehta 

The LexiStory- A Sequel By Raviteja Innamuri 

The Boards
People behind the scenes