KM’s Hypothesis: When she texts me “Dear”, I always feel her voice telling me “Dear”. Do you know why?

KM’s Hypothesis: When she texts me “Dear”, I always feel her voice telling me “Dear”. Do you know why?

Seriously now we gonna look up a curious case of GF Chats !

Whenever we chat with our girlfriend or boyfriend, you feel inside your mind, that you hear the same sentence as her voice, right ?

Think about your own chats with your close friend(s) for a minute !


Now you will be quite clear that what I am trying to say is something true for all of us!

Ofcourse, it is not possible if their voice is not familiar to us!

Still some area or circuit of our brain makes it possible to link visual texts with auditory voices!



Suppose you hear the word “Dear” from your friend!

The word is perceived and interpreted by our visual cortex !

For every speech, the input goes to WERNICKE’S AREA (where what one had spoken is understood) and the output is commanded from BROCA’s AREA (where our reply for the text arises)

Our culprit is this WERNICKE’s AREA which does not process visual inputs but only auditory inputs!

So, another area comes into act which converts our visual inputs into INTERNAL AUDITORY SPEECH (using the auditory memory of voices we have heard over months or years)

This area, so makes it possible of hearing our cute gf voices whenever she pings us an “Hi!”

Obviously, this is one of the cutest functions of our brain, right?


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