It’s not worth giving up

It’s not worth giving up

Suicides are so high these days. I killed myself because I thought I might fail in my exams. I died because I failed in my exams. I died because my college was strict and humiliated me. I died because my girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with me. I died because my parents scolded me. Seriously? None of these are reasons good enough to give up on your own life. That’s the only real asset that anyone ever has.

This is a story for those who want to kill themselves.

cutting-708113_960_720It was too much to handle for my heart which was already broken. My parents on one side, society on the other and my feelings in the central neglected part. I couldn’t do anything to prove my worth. I couldn’t do anything to satisfy my parents or the society either. I decided to quit. And I died before I could even think further. It was impulsive. I regretted it immediately after I did, but it was too late to go back for I had given up the beautiful life and chose death.

I wish I knew better to handle myself. I wish I knew how to overcome that impulse. I wish I didn’t choose this. And I wish this doesn’t happen with anyone else. While it’s too late for the former, let me atleast fulfill the latter. So here I am telling you ways to handle yourself in such situations.

You would feel you’re the only person in the world going through such a phase and hence not fit to be a part of this world. No! Look around, clear your thoughts, everyone feels this. The difference is only the level. You are as fit to live as anyone else.

You feel like there’s no one worth living for. Wrong again! The world is huge and the population is at it’s hike all the time. One or the other person would be there for you always. You just have to open up your senses and see them.

woman-1006100_960_720You feel like you’re humiliated. Let it pass. One day you’ll look back and laugh at yourself. No one’s perfect. Adore your imperfection.
You feel like you’ve done the worst mistake and you’ll never be forgiven. Come on, mistakes makes us humans and the only thing that matters is your own forgiveness.
All these pain may seem so severe at that point when you want to quit. Just remember, after five minutes you would find yourself stupid.

So at that point, talk to a friend. Watch your favorite movie. Ask for help. There are lots of support centres, ready to help you 24*7. You feel you’re the bravest when you take the decision to quit, trust me you’re just being stupid finding logic without any logic. I get it that no one can understand what you’re going through but that’s still not worth giving up your asset- that’s your life.

I killed myself and this is me saying:
Nothing, I repeat nothing in the world is ever worth giving up your life. There’s always a new day, a new beginning. Whatever happened yesterday, leave it there, live for today and find your tomorrow. Anyway you’re not immortal, you’ll die sooner than later. When everything tries to kill you, it’s only wise to defend yourself and say I lived. There’s no proudness in killing yourself. Live! For the sake of yourselves and the one’s that love you.


Just wait and watch what time has in store for you before you die eventually.


Addicted to words ;-)

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