It’s not just travel, it’s an adventure!

It’s not just travel, it’s an adventure!

Bus travel in city.

By “bus” I just don’t mean any college bus, office bus, deluxe bus or any other private bus. I am talking about MTC (metropolitan transport corporation, Chennai) or the government bus. Being a regular bus traveler I recognized I could write pages about my travel. For others, it’s just travel, for me it’s an adventure.

It basically looks like a routine – get to the bus stop, catch a bus to college, get down at your college stop. But the travel time in between – one to two hours, is like a live television show. You kind of get to see and observe all different kinds of people. Just like a wallflower. Now, let me elaborate some of those people here:

The hot and cold conductor:

He rides the entire journey counting, ticketing, shouting, whistling and also reacting. If suppose you want to see the worst ever reaction some one could give, just hand him a 100 rupee note for a 6 rupee ticket in a crowded bus, he will start grumbling throughout the journey. Kudos to him, he has to handle some weird people drunkards. Even though he has a seat reserved for him in the bus, he will still let someone else sit there in a crowded bus. Of course, some of them are always constantly furious, especially in the mid noon under 40 degrees of burning sun.

The “I don’t care” Driver:

Yeah, whatever may happen inside the bus, there is the driver, who is a key toy, stopping and starting at the whistle of the conductor. Even if there is going to be a bloody fight inside, he wouldn’t care. And he tries to act like the king of the road he is riding. If he stops the bus, he makes sure no other vehicle can pass or overtake him, by landing at the middle of the road.

The hanging riders –  black cats:

They are basically the foot board riders. Not just their body, I think their whole life is hanging in there. I really don’t understand how some people risk their life daily to just reach their work place early. Some hang out there out of compulsion but others out of choice. Especially college students. Even if the whole bus is empty, they will still be foot boarding. And their only advantage is that, the conductor wont nag them to get a ticket.

The seat catchers:

Believe me, I have seen people throwing things like handkerchiefs to children inside the bus through the window to catch a seat. They are obsessed with sitting. Some wouldn’t even let the elderly or the handicapped sit in their place. So cruel. In this sense of giving up your seat for someone else, honestly, men are better. Women wont even give up for another pregnant woman.

Miscellaneous people:

There are these loud speakers, song players, fighters, paint scratchers, samosa sellers, eve teasers, poster stickers, baby sitters, bag holders( who hold your bag when you don’t have a place), book readers, etc. And being a medical student, I do get to see some cases for spot diagnosis- ptosis, dermoid, bell’s palsy, physical deformities, and other cutaneous markers of disease. Indeed a good platform for learning.

All these years of travel in bus has taught me one thing: you can find happiness even in small things. You just need to have a positive and free mind to get rid of your stress. Take pleasure in small activities in your routine life.




"no great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness" says aristotle, so do I !!!

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