It’s All In The Mind!

In the recent past, there has been increasing awareness and emphasis on leading a healthy lifestyle, by consuming organic foodstuff and exercising regularly. There are perhaps many who practise a salubrious living but not all of them, can be called healthy. As any medical student would know, being healthy is not merely the absence of an infirmity; it is, in essence, physical and psychological well-being of a person. However, mostly, the former is the focal point while the latter is disregarded. This reality is gradually changing as researchers are now moving towards establishing a sound relationship between one’s mental state and physical wellness. It is slowly being realised that a good diet and an active lifestyle alone are not enough to be healthy.

Each one of us, at one point or another, has experienced the relation between our mental condition and our physical state. No? Think about that time when you were stressed out about your Anatomy examination and tended to frequent the restroom. Or that time when you were just about to go on stage to perform your latest act and felt the urge to throw up. Or that time when you were trying to look into your partner’s answer sheet and your heart rate sped up. I can probably come up with a zillion more instances but I think you got my point. Anxiety affects your bladder control. Nervousness activates your chemoreceptor trigger zone stimulating emesis, while fear increases your heart beat.

If you remember going through your Physiology reference text, you would know that one of the factors affecting digestion is mental state. A calm mind will have no effect on the gastric emptying time, while a stressed mind will induce a faster transition. This, in turn, will affect their absorption. The propensity of blood pressure to fluctuate depending on one’s current state of mind is another common example that illustrates the significant role played by our psyche.

“Junky foods accumulate and create a toxic body.

Junky thoughts accumulate and create toxic conditions in the mind.”

And the mind controls the body. A toxic mind will lead to a toxic body. The above quote was said by Louise Hay. She is probably the best person to attest to this fact. Louise Hay is a cancer survivor. But what sets her apart from other cancer survivors is the treatment modality used to cure her. She did not undergo either radiation or chemotherapy. Instead, Louise Hay cured herself by the remedial power of good and positive thoughts. Not only that, she has undertaken extensive study in this concept and unearthed a series of negative thought patterns that manifest in the form of ailments in our body. A compilation of these can be found in her book You Can Heal Your Life. For those who want to know more about her life story and would like to incorporate a positive thought process in their daily lives, this book is an absolute guide.

Photo Courtesy: Arbaz Memon

Photo Courtesy: Arbaz Memon

To sum up, a healthy diet will be useless if it is not associated with healthy thoughts. On the other hand, an amalgamation of positive thinking and a wholesome diet is potent enough to cure any disease in the world. As Buddha aptly said,

“The mind is everything.

What you think, you become.”


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