Invention or Rediscovery?!

Invention or Rediscovery?!

Sometimes, I wonder, if the words ” invention” & “discovery” aren’t actually the right terms in use. At least in some cases.
Come to think of it, many inventions and discoveries of today actually existed in the past. We live and boast of our Air conditioned rooms today, but there is already proof that ancient civilization achieved, more or less a similar cooling system! The Atom bomb that wreaked havoc and still does…again acient texts show that such weaponry existed in the ancient times!
There is a legend that suggests the same. “The Legend of the NUM”! (NUM – Nine Unknown Men) History has it, that when Asoka embraced Buddhism after the dreadful and horrid Kalinga War, he realised that the complex knowledge present in that age, was at risk of being exploited,if it fell into the wrong hands! This lead him to create a League of 9 extraordinary gentlemen. Their identity was unknown, but not their task – to keep the knowledge obscure in the form of books, which were hidden.
Each of the NUM protected 9 books, each of which possessed knowledge on different areas.cymera_20161122_195755

1. The First book concentrated on propaganda and warfare; the science of moulding mass opinions and sculpting the attitudes of the society at large, which I daresay, is the most dangerous of all sciences. Come to think of it, you could take over the Whole World! Just by controlling people’s minds! No blood drawn, no soul stolen!?

2. The second book professes on human physiology, including certain rare techniques in creating deadly poisons, manipulating pressure points(accupressure), “Touch of Death”( in the modern world famously called as JUDO, which is basically nothing but a reversal of nerve impulse. Jujutsu…Rei!!!?cymera_20161120_121316

3. The third book deals with Microbiology. It dealt with creating and manipulating microbes( that can save OR wipeout mankind!)for medical purposes and purification. Thats modern biotechnology and microbiology for you darling!?

4. The fourth book is all about alchemy! Transmutation of metals, especially into gold, today also called Chrysopoeia. Every alchemist’s dream! Which has been practically achieved recently, again. If you think it’s a good thing, well think again. Speaking of falling into wrong hands and everything going unpredictable and wrong, talk about King Midas!?cymera_20161120_121242

5. The fifth book is about going SOCIAL! World wide! And even Extraterrestrial! Yes! It’s about the tact of communication and is said to even have proof that the ancients knew and even had contact to extraterrestrial life! Oooooh! Peace dude! Reminds me of Star wars, Spock❤?cymera_20161120_121033

6. The sixth book revealed secrets of gravity and anti-gravity. The basic principles of aviation wonderfully preached! Ancient aircrafts called ‘vimanas’ are not rare to our knowledge and hence proof to their existence. And since our people already went ET, even UFOs! ?cymera_20161120_120858

7. The 7th book is claimed to have vast, exhausting information on cosmology and the working of the universe, including allegedly, secrets of faster than light travel, techniques of bending space and time, travelling dimensions, time travel!  etc… Boy! I seriously would love to go back and not do all the things I regret. And yes! I would definitely go back and say ‘yes’ to the cute guy who proposed me in Kindergarten, because you know what, he’s awesome now!?cymera_20161120_120817

8. The 8th book is all about Light!!! Augmenting or decreasing the speed of light, bending it to one’s will and using it to create weapons. LASERs are products of this book. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Of course, nowadays, it’s not just a weapon, it’s used everywhere for other uses.

9. The last book is basically the book of prosperity. Ok..Juz kiddinh, it’s actually sociology. But yes, in a way, its prosperity because it contains immutable rules of rise and fall of a society, as well as secrets on how to predict the decline of the society and how to hasten it! I wish the world’s leaders owned this book. And how about families?  Today’s families are falling apart. Forget about countries or states. If I could get my hands on this book, I’d make a copy for each person! Nothing is impossible!?

These 9 books are constantly rewritten and updated according to the evolution of science with continuous inclusions and deletions of certain specific subjects.
It is believed that the 9 men release tidbits of information from these books to help mankind in times of need.
From aeronautics, flight, LASERs, radiation, the atomic bomb, to pressure points in acupressure, martial arts, and vaccines, lots of inventions today seem to have already been in the past.
Of course, I’m not discrediting the scientists of discovering and inventing such amazing things. Legend it is, but legend with proofs, we cannot deny.
But my point is, so maybe what we call discovery or invention, isn’t discovery after all! Maybe the right word is rediscovery! The knowledge known to the ancients was lost or hidden! Whatever it is…the cycle of eras on earth, seems to be rediscovering things and then leaving it to be undiscovered again….back to square one!
Like Da Vinci said, ” Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication! ” Maybe thats why they hid that knowledge. To let go and live Life!

So maybe, the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything, maybe its about unbecoming everything that isn’t you! So that you can be who you were meant to be in the first place – A part of nature, a part of nothing!




On first meet, Akshara appears to be the typical quiet, shy, & sensitive girl who does nothing but smile & nod. But inside she's a burning fire, bold and dangerous. Lucky for us, she only brings that side out, while writing, or when angry, which is why her friends call her "Silent Killer"! An NRI by education, presently studying in M.B.B.S in Andhra Pradesh, has dreams of becoming much more than just a Doctor. Seeking to combine the powers of pen, scalpel, & a heartfelt smile, to change the world, she wants to make people Live, Laugh & Love! When she's not writing, or in college, you can find her in her room, dancing into oblivion, designing & creating, eating her friends' brains with her crazy philosophies or waiting to to taste her 1st coffee with The King of her Dreams, Man of her Life, & Mate of her Soul.

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