Internama: The Prologue

Internama: The Prologue


Take a guy who hasn’t lived away from Mumbai for more than a month, to the US for two and a half months. who gets over the homesickness, appreciates the American way of life, works in awesome five star hospitals as a medical student, has a shit load of fun, and put him back here.

How I felt in one word: Claustrophobic!

I hadn’t seen so many people in my field of vision at once. “For two and a half months, bro! That’s not much.” “Stop acting like a firangi, man. You have been seeing this since you were born.” Yeah, yeah, I agree. The point is, that’s when I realized that shiz is going to get real.

That my life as an intern in my college is about to begin.

I have heard stories about it from my seniors. From my cousin brother and his friends, his seniors, their seniors, and legends. It is like a masaledaar Bollywood movie. It’s got action, drama, suspense, K3Gish sorrow, horror, romance (sometimes) and envy.

So, next one, dear ones, will be coming up shortly!


New friendly-neighbourhood MBBS intern. Flashing a pen and stethoscope to bring down the dark forces. That's it for now. *Spock off*

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