ICMR STS – Why? When? How?

Indian Council of Medical Research (I.C.M.R.) is one of the most prominent organizations that gives an opportunity to the medical students in India a chance to do their own research. Of course it is no surprise in countries abroad. Most medical students would’ve already been a 2nd or a 3rd assist in groundbreaking research and clinical trials. That, is not the scene in India. It is a BIG thing!ICMR

ICMR has this program called the “Short-term Studentship” (STS) which they conduct every year. This STS is for Undergraduate Medical Students studying in India. Wherein, the medical student applies and goes through the entire research process right from giving a rough protocol to field work to presenting the paper at conferences. It is a very well planned process over a period of 1 yr. Starting in Nov- Dec every year where they ask you to apply with your basic details. After which in Jan, you’re expected to submit your protocol and Ethics Committee approval. Around the second week of feb, you come to know if your project’s been approved or not. Once it’s approved you get around 2 months to do the field work and gather information and results of your research topic. You’re expected to compile and complete the entire process and submit the final copy of your research by Oct. Then they let you know if your work was genuine and good. If you fare out successfully, you get a certificate of merit from the ICMR and a cool stipend of Rs.10,000/- for 2 months. Yep, all this and amazing opportunities to present your research paper at national and international conferences.

Now, WHY would you want to do this?


1. It enhances your Curriculum Vitae.

2. Tomorrow when you apply for your residency programme abroad, you’d be competing against 10 different graduates from different parts of the world with heavy CVs. So you should live up to the competition to have an equal chance.

3. To gain a new experience altogether and know of the global standards.

When is the right time to do this?

The best time is in your 2nd yr which is also called the “honeymoon” period of MBBS. The 2nd yr that is spread over 1 and half year’s span is the best time to think of a topic, pick a guide and get to work.

Will you be able to do it?

If you want to do it, no matter what..you will definitely do it.

How do you know about the conferences?

Visit Lexicon’s Eduo where we’ve handpicked the niche conferences to look out for! http://www.lexiconin.com/current-edition/eduo/

And GOOGLE!! Everything that is on the Internet is on google.

Where do you find the details for the ICMR STS?


It’s better late than never!

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    I am a 3rd term student in bangalore. Could you help me to choose a subject among microbiology pathology community medicine and psychiatry?


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