Home-The Poem

Home-The Poem

“Home is ‘Mother’
For each & every Son!
Home is ‘Hardwork’
For every successful ton!

Home is ‘Love’
For every solitary soul!
Home is ‘Security’
For every women who houl!

Home is ‘Peace’
For every congested heart!
Home is ‘Friend’
For every person’s depart!

Home is ‘Sleep’
For every restless mind!
Home is ‘Food’
For stomachs which grind!

Home is ‘Burster’
For every elevated stress!
Home is ‘Laughter’
For every depressed press!

Home is just ‘Rest’
For every wandering star!
Home is ‘Healing word’
For every slaughtered scar!

Home is ‘Cry’
For the deepest sorrow!
Home is ‘Smile’
For the Simple tomorrow!

Home is just ‘Home’
For the pity homeless !
Home is but ‘Money’
For the craving calmless!

Home is Eternal, Home is Peace!
Home is where the heart gets breeze!
Where our thought favours..!
There our home flavours!
When home is just YOU..
It’s YOU, the home endeavors!

Home is a Heaven! Home is a Bliss!
Home can be YOU!
The only person, you miss!”

By Srinath KM 🙂


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