Here, have a cigarette!

Here, have a cigarette!

To all those smokers out there( if you don’t like being called a “smoker” just ignore it) :


Don’t worry, this is not one of those blogs that informs you the health hazards of smoking. I know you already know them.

Every smoker began his “smoking life” like this: a voice saying – here, have a cigarette. The voice could have been from your mind or from your friend. Doesn’t matter. Because you decided to take it. Yes, you decided to take one, just one, and the next day another one, and then another…..until finally you couldn’t stop taking one.

Now, try to remember your first cigarette, how it all started, what state of mind you were. May be you were playful, or excited or depressed or hectic or be it anything, but you needed a distraction. A distraction that you could go for again when the same state of mind recurs. Of course you know that the habit is dangerous, that it causes cancer, that it kills, that it is injurious to health with all those billboards and posters hanging all around. We understand that it’s hard to overcome a habituation. But don’t you think it is utmost necessary? if not for you, at least for your loved one. Your lover, your parent, your children, your friend or be it anyone, but there is always someone on this planet who cares for you. Why do you want to make them suffer, punish them for the sin they haven’t committed. They can neither see you suffering nor they can live happily after you.

There is a small story I want to share here with you. Someone I know died of lung cancer at the age of 50. He was a chronic smoker. Though he was not the source of income in that family, and though he was never the affectionate father his children looked for, he was loved by his family, because he belonged with them. But what his death has left them? nothing but sadness, guilt that they couldn’t save him and “cancer taboos” which detains marriages for his sons and daughters. Be practical, majority of the population in India doesn’t understand cancer, it is still the unspeakable, untouchable thing around.

And then, there is the World Health Organisation (WHO), conducting the Anti tobacco day on MAY 31st of every year, this year’s theme being “get ready for plain packaging”. Basically they are asking countries to make the cigarette boxes less attractive. Funny, how instead of asking to ban the product they come up with such sophisticated ideas.Oh! look at the irony , a product that claims itself menacing yet sold out to millions. A cheap distribution of slow poison to the people.

So here is the thing:

Have a cigarette, if you don’t want to live long .

Have a cigarette, if you plan on slow suicide.

Have a cigarette, if you don’t care for your loved ones.

Have a cigarette, if you still think your pleasure is important.20



"no great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness" says aristotle, so do I !!!

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