The feeling of intense happiness and pleasure that one experiences in various instances of life is what’s euphoria. It is very short lived, yet it is the most sought after by everyone.

For spectators and sports lovers, watching Dipa, Sindhu and shakshi brought a sense of Euphoria which was actually a share given by the players themselves. The photographs itself shows how intense their happiness was at that moment. For people who are least interested in sports, that’s just another news. That’s how Euphoria varies from person to person.

For a maths geek, solving a problem gives the greatest feeling he/she can ever achieve. They could go for days without eating or sleeping just to work on that problem and find the solution. Others call them nerds because they don’t understand their Euphoria.

For people who are obsessed with puzzles, crosswords and sudokus, solving them gives a sense of unexplainable pleasure which is foreign to the others.

For people who love to dance, dancing gives them their Euphoria. For music lovers, the kind of music that they love gives them the euphoric sensation. These are again, not perceived by others.

Exercise and aerobics gives the same feeling. People these days get into marathon for the same reason.

In Dr. HOUSE series, diagnosing the rare conditions gives him the Euphoria and when he’s not able to get cases, he seeks the same sense using drugs. It’s quite the same with Sherlock Holmes too.

Euphoria forms the essence and purpose of life, it’s an addiction in various forms and experienced by all in one or the other situations. People who aren’t getting enough of this from their lives are those whom sought this from the drugs.

Books, movies, series and all kinds of entertainment target to achieve this kind of Euphoria in their audience, their success depends upon how many audience obtained Euphoria out of it.

It’s a very powerful tool for self-motivation, determination and success. Find what gives you Euphoria and you’ve found your passion and purpose of life. It’s just a harmony of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, but see how beautiful its manifestations are


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