Doctor or Student Forever!

Doctor or Student Forever!

After passing my 12th standard,

There was a dilemma by which I was baffled.
What will be the next step in my career?
Doctor or Engineer, what will be in my share?
It was a tough decision to make,
It’s never a piece of cake.
I decided to go for medicine,
But didn’t see the loads of MCQ books coming.
Finally I got a seat making it through,
It was just like a dream come true.

Then came the first day of med school,
Was more than I thought; It was so cool.
A whole new world was laid by my side,
It all started with the smell of formaldehyde.
Blood, cadaver and microscopes were a routine,
The lab coat became my safety screen.

The characteristics of microbes weren’t easy to learn,
But forensics was comparatively interesting and fun.
Then came the moment most desired for,
The 3rd year opened the clinical door.
The operation theatre felt like the most amazing place to be,
But No! It was the birth of a baby.

Just when I thought it was almost done,
There came the mighty ‘Harrison’.
Though others were a tough nut to crack,
But there was definitely no going back.

Library became a new hang out spot,
The world was unimaginable without cups of coffee searing hot.
Going to bed at 10 pm became a dream,
Midnight snacks became the new routine.

Soon the exams were over and I got my degree,
After five long years I was finally free.
Duties in the OPD, Wards and Emergencies,
What could I possibly want more than this?

Finally when I thought it was the time to relax,
My life seemed to be hanging again at the climax.
Felt like I was in school again; just passed primary,
Yet to come were the middle and secondary.
It was the start of an endless journey,
Everytime the MCQ books were more and too many.

AIPG, State PG, or DNB?
Medicine or Surgery; what will it be?
The pros and cons were many to weigh,
And the time seemed to be flying away.

After a year of hard preparation,
Medicine it was; I got my admission.
The 1st year was a tough road block,
The heavy duties messed up the remainder of my circadian clock.
The 2nd and 3rd year were also too busy,
But I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

The day I finished my PG was much relieving,
Felt like my life finally got it’s meaning.
If you think this is the end; then you’re wrong,
This road is, indeed, very long.

Almost 11 years have passed,
Still a lot remains to be crossed.
After Undergrad, Rural posting and Postgrad,
Superspeciality is now on the top of my head.
The end of this journey is just like a mirage,
Everytime I feel it approaching, it goes further and far.

Sometimes yet today I wonder,
Would life be any better?
Had I chosen differently, than becoming a Doctor?!!!

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