Doctor Doctor!! Help Help!!?

Doctor Doctor!! Help Help!!?

Deadly Dengue.
Classically all of us know that dengue is caused by mosquito bites and that you end up loosing too many platelets!
But wait there’s much more to it that you need to know about it as a medico!

The less known facts about dengue fever

It is a viral fever which is a mosquito(vector-Aedes Aegypti) borne disease!

It basically can cause four different symptoms
Dengue hemorrhagic fever
Dengue shock syndrome

It can be transmitted by 2 types of mosquitoes (A. Aegypti, A.Albopictus)

There are four different strains of the same virus(Denv-1 to Denv-4)

India has all four strains and is “hyperendemic” i.e. dengue is the leading cause of death due to a communicable disease.

The mosquito once infected remains infected for life time

The mosquito needs at least 2-3 people to bite on to finish one meal

It is strongly attracted to humans

Now you might think that mosquitoes are the culprits so then this disease should be common in rural areas!
But on the contrary, the disease is commoner in the “overcrowded” urban areas! This is due to the feeding pattern of the mosquito.

In states like gujarat and the southern India the disease in common not just in monsoon but throughout the year

Every 2°rise in the temperature makes the mosquito thirstier and it attacks more people to finish a single meal

Since you need antibodies for the fever to set in.. Imunocompromised don’t get affected though they may be obviously infected

The mosquito remains infected for a lifetime because the infection is in its genital tracts and it passes on the infection transovarian.

Now some logic regarding its pathogenesis!

As we all obviously know that dengue fever attacks your platelets so that you have a decreased platelet count.
And platelets are supposed to be an important component for your vessels to stop bleeding!
Therefore, in dengue in a severe form.. The person may get hemorrhagic disease or the “BLEEDING DISORDER” (Thus the name; Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever)

Now, since the hemorrhage will happen and a lot of blood will be lost from the vascular system, your body can easily go in a circulatory shock which is the sever most form of the disease! (Dengue Shock Syndrome)

Thats all the basics you need to know about the Dengue fever!


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