Dipa O Dipa (dipa Karmakar) : A reason we stand tall today.

Dipa O Dipa (dipa Karmakar) : A reason we stand tall today.

A girl whose name I never knew ,until she qualified for Rio Olympics. Whose surname the ignorant me assumed was Karmarkar (a very familiar surname in my community) until I heard it on a news channel the other day.

A reason why I cried today and whose determination and passion will motivate me for days to come.

Dipa started her training in a modest gym in tripura which didn’t have single vault.That gym started procuring one after she started winning various medals at state level district level events.She opted for a state and local language school while her sister studied at an English medium school only because that school supported training and gave her the liberty to attend various competitions.A story not uncommon but a story to make us realise the problems and hurdles our athletes face.

Dipa is a example for soo many girls and boys in India.Clarity of goals , extreme hardwork , optimism .She knows the system -her game, her opponents ; the moment she finished her performance she was second but that was the very moment she knew she would come fourth.

Having battled infrastructure all her life,she introduced India ‘s flag for the first time on stage of Olympics , her Produnova made her famous ,made us realise her struggle.

While retweeting her tweet I wasn’t able to quote. How do my opinions, my praise matter ? Is right of the privileged and procrastinator me to do so ?

Dipa stands as a glaring example for millions of young girls like me to do something more than usual (the unusual) , to not give reasons, to do something so dangerous that no one has ever done (playing safe isn’t always right but doing it without practice is stupidity).

This Independence day Dipa has given us reason to be proud , made us aware of possibilities and responsibilities.

Dipa you be my star, you be my warrior!

When I saw you perform what you practised and when I saw the tricolour on your costume my heart swells with pride and my eyes with tears.

You have given me new set of goals and made me aware of hardwork I need to put to :-

Do something different.

Do something with purpose.

Do something so that I make my country proud and inspire fellow countrymen.

Finally to cross all the hurdles without reasons and justification !

PS :- This Olympic our medal tally is very poor, our sportsmen are having real hard luck .It is reminder for us, the citizen of India to think . What is our responsibility towards our athletes? How can we support them with infrastructure? Are we cheering  them enough (with lewd selfie remarks?) ? Can we make the selection process flawless and we reduce corruption from sports ? The potent question :- Will the  potbellied politicians who torture sportsmen/women be punished ?

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