At  the Edge of Sunshine
( Dhoop Kinare 1985)


Every girl is a born romantic . And what is better time to drift in thoughts when 10 chapters from Robbins are eagerly waiting for you ! With exams in a week I am guilty of binge watching all the 13 episodes of 1985 Pakistani Drama “Dhoop Kinare”.( Shush it is a secret between you and me!)
I was introduced to Dhoop Kinare in the winter of 2011, when Sony started a hospital based rom-com “Kuch to Log Kahenge .”


It stared Monish Behel and Krutika Karma as charming Dr. Aushutosh and Dr.Nidhi . When the drama got too intimate and lost its track, almost after 100 episodes, Monish Behel left the series soon to be replaced by another charming Sharad Kelkar ( but Monish Behel was Monish Behel and after he went I practically stopped watching the series ). The only connection I have over the period with “ Kuch to log kahenge” is it’s amazing title track ‘ Saiyyan Naino ki Bhasha samjhe na’ and I have listened to this track every time I have came across my crush(es) . It is almost always that they don’t seem to understand the subtle language spoken by small eyes .

( Disclaimer :- This article is  based on comparison between Dhoop Kinare and Kuch To Log Kahenge. And why Dhoop Kinare is essentially better than Kuch To Log Kahenge (1985 rocks!).

Scene from Dhoop Kinare and it’s Adaptation in Kuch to Log Kahenge. ..



1)      To begin with, Dhoop Kinare had 13 episodes ( on youtube there is a playlist of 40 episode of 18 minutes each on average) . Where as Mighty Kuch To Log kahenge had 346 episodes and was airing from October 2011 to March 2013 ( I don’t know How many Mega episodes and anniversary episodes did it have !). Why doesn’t any Hindi serial ever have a limited script? There was a limited script experiment in Marathi ( Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta, and believe me it was hit!)

2)      Dhoop Kinare and Khuch to Log Kahenge both show protagonists reluctant to join medical school. But Dhoop Kinare has dedicated 15 minutes of first episode to first year of medical school ( the first year depiction in Dhoop Kinare is to the point and very relatable !) . Whereas KhTLK takes you from a girl hesitant to join medical school and jumps to being a topper in final year mbbs to internship .After 150 episodes she has her own OPD too. This is beyond real specially in a country which produces largest MBBS graduates and has least number of Post Graduation seats.

3)     Dr Ahmer is not hot, but by last episode I am sure you will fall in love with Dr Ahmer . Dr Aushutosh ( played by charming Monish Behel and Charming Sharad Kelar) is a heart throbe from first episode. But sadly as KhTLK progress ( specially near it’s end) there is a character deterioration. Dr Ahmer and Dr (Aushutosh) Monish Behel are soft romantics. They are soft spoken when it comes to love of their life. Never are they Dominant typsi . Sharad Kelkar as a character is shown to be over-confident , dominant types and Dr.Nindhi is portrayed majority of time cooking breakfast than being with patients.

4)     Dhoop Kinare is focused on showing the subtle love and most importantly affection between two independent individuals .Where as KhLK shifts its focus on showing a marriage between two people who have great age difference between them.


5) Dhoop Kinare has realistic medicine and doctors. Dr. Ahmer is supposedly a pediatrician whereas Dr. Aushutosh is the famous NeuroSurgeon. Dr.Ahmer never steps into scrubs and OT , he often has patients going for surgery , also he has interns preparing patients for referred surgery. There a is a surgeon Named Dr.Wahid who handles the surgery aspect ( As he ( Dr Wahid) is not a major character the series never drifts in his direction ,but he is often mentioned ) . Where as Dr Ashutosh being a famous neurosurgeon is seen doing C-section too,in one episode !( Need I say more.) Also Dhoop Kinare has mention of real third world diseases like Malaria, typhoid etc. They even have an entire episode based majorly on vaccination drive and small part of that episode has the most romantic part of the series. But take it in 90% vaccination drive and 10% romanticism ratio, which is pretty much realistic ,isn’t it?)

6)  Lets talk about love !

DK has not more than 10 very soft romantic scenes ,just one scene where they hold hands ( that was too much back in 1985 and wasn’t censored !) . There is a point post marriage in KhTLK where ,Dr Aushutosh and Dr Nidhi roll down the hill (no wonder Monish Behel left the serial ).
Rolling down the hill makes no sense.You either have sex ( Greys Anatomy ) or you don’t (DK) ), how can rolling down the hill on your honeymoon describe the emotions and physical proximity.
(Mind you Zorbing is considered to be an adventure sport)

7)    So you will see in both DK and KhTLK that there are lot of short drives that lovers share . But there is a legit reason given for each drive in Dhoop Kinare . In KhTLK during each episode the car stops with loud and clear break and then they talk , whereas in DK, in such a situation there is the driver driving the car and Dr Ahmer and Dr Zoya ali Khan catching up (their talks ) on the back seat, which pretty much happens in real life too!


8)    DK was a way ahead of time ( Princesses Diana Haircut , modern outlook [ we always get a feel that marrying Dr Ahmer would mean that Zoya progresses in Life , whereas post marriage Dr Nidhi is seen cooking hot paranthas instead of pursuing postgraduation ]) .

I always thought Dhoop Kinare was based in late 1990’s but was shocked to see that it was aired in 1985 ( the year my mom joined MBBS ).KhTLK was running on Sony around the time I joined MBBS. I cannot stop wondering  how many girls must have decided to become doctor when they saw Dhoop Kinare – Dr Zoya Ali khan & Dr Sheena. No wonder most of them must have thought that there are hot doctors like Dr Ahmer ,just like we have joined MBBS after seeing McDreamy and McSteamy .(Let me admit medical as profession will never disappoint you as long as Hot doctors are concerned , plenty out there).

KhTLK on other hand inspired females to cook hot breakfast and break news of pregnancy skillfully
( Ewwww) .

9) Dr Sheena ,Dr Mallika both are vicious . One is assisted by her sister-in-law and other by fear of loneliness. Dhoop kinare delicately portrays of Dr. Sheena’s character (If I don’t get Dr Ahmer , Dr Zoya shouldn’t get him too!)

10)   What is it with Hatchback for females and Sedan for males !
And Rain Dancing, come on man !
Only dance I can possibly think of doing is some kind of tapori dance all the way and here Dr Nidhi enjoys rains as Kareen Kapoor in Beheta hein man kahi (Chameli ).

Some serials, dramas and movies are classics  happen what may every generation loves them ( they sing the song of that Era, Dhoop Kinare reperensts 1980’s).Both Dhoop kinare and Kuch Log Kahenge have presences on You tube . Dhoop Kinare is always going to be dearly remembered and cherished. Sadly KhTLK designed for TRP’s has been thing of 2011 only . I doubt if it would be ever reflected and revisited in the near future.

It would be interesting to see how the love between Dr Ahmer and Dr Zoya ali Khan can flourish in 2016 with all Twitter, What’s app and Instagram. Would they post their selfie together ever?
How will  the famous dialogues
“Mujhe aapki bohot parvah hein.” and “Ye baat to mujhe kehni chahiyay .Ek to pataa nahi hum ek doosrey se itni mazarat kyun kertay hein.” be reframed?

In 2k16,which gestures can paint the affection portrayed in 1985? I wouldn’t be interested in seeing any other adaptation of Dhoop Kinare if it’s intention would be to add more villans.
DK ends on comparatively on a sad note.There is no closure, but I suppose such an end intrigues the audience (e.g. the end of the Farsi film:- A Separation).

This article would be incomplete if I don’t give a list of characters and beautiful portrayal of same by the respective actors :-


Rahat Kazmi as Dr Ahmer Ansari in Dhoop Kinare. This role made him as one of the most promising and prominent stars in the Pakistani television industry.

Marina Khan as Dr Zoya Ali Khan in the serial Dhoop Kinare. Her carefree attitude and short hair made her into an iconic symbol in Pakistani television.

Arshad Mehmood plays the role of Dr. Ahmer Ansari’s foster father. He appears in dream sequences from Dr. Ahmer’s past.

Qazi Wajid plays the role of Zoya’s “Baba” who is very close with her and raised her like a friend. He believes in letting the kids grow by learning from their own experiences of life while supporting and advising them when in need.

Kehkashan Awan plays Anji, Zoya’s best friend since childhood. She lives in a house next to Zoya. In later episodes, she engages to Dr. Irfan

Hameed Wyne plays a very strict father of Anji. He forces his daughter into working with him in his office rather than pursuing interior designing.

Sajid Hassan plays his character beautifully. He is a junior colleague of Dr. Ahmer and work as the administrator of the children ward. He is a carefree person with an unmatched humorous personality.

Badar Khalil plays the character of Dr.Sheena very well . She wants to get close to Dr. Ahmer but he didn’t seem to count her more than a good friend. When she notice Dr. Ahmer’s interest in Zoya, she got really jealous and give Zoya hard time. Later, she meets her old college friend Nasir (Rizwan Wasti) and marries him but finds out that he is also married to another woman and have children.

Azra Sherwani plays Fazeelat who is Zoya’s caretaker and is not happy with Zoya always being at the hospital without having rest.

Happy married life , specially after having a kid has never been a thing in 1985 and nor is it vogue in 2016 .

One thing for sure I will be watching Dhoop Kinare again, just to relish the dialogues and soft gestures ( Rare to find these days, isn’t it ?) .

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  • Hello dearest readers!

    A small factual correction ;
    The role of Dr Nidhi in KhTLK was played by Kritika Kamra and not Kritika Karma.
    saniya (author )


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